Sunday, March 30, 2008

Introducing the new Director

Of Business Services for Target India, Tracy Murphy!!!!

It is with great pleasure and pride that I say congratulations to Tracy for her outstanding accomplishment. Not only is she a dedicated Mother and a fabulous wife she has proved in her drive and ambition that she is a very capable worker.

She endured a total of 12 of interviews,2 Psych tests a live simulated strategy meeting, along with a trip back to Minneapolis to interview with the CEO and not only survived she was strongly recommended and therefore is now Madam Director.

So it was without future prompting that the kids and I planned and through Tracy a promotion party. We had the house decorated in true Indian fashion with lights, two bars, a fully catered meal for the small crowd of 75 well wishes, both from work and our friends whom arrived to congratulate Tracy.

The rain was relentless however Saravana ands Raj both assured us it would not rain that night and it did not. We had the terrace all decorated with tables and lights and even Target Brand table cloths to which Saravana exclaimed, " Tom this place has become grand" And a grand night it was.

Tracy's Aunt Lynn, another outstanding person had this to say "You have been in my thoughts lately because of the wonderful news of your promotion, I am so PROUD of you! Believe me, I KNOW what a significant accomplishment this is and I am really impressed. Any and every woman who achieves this level of accomplishment is not only doing something at a personal level, but is serving as a role model for other women. You are showing them that it is possible to be rewarded for hard work and genuine ability. I know this will bring you personal gain, but I hope it also brings you tremendous satisfaction. You deserve it all!"

Jimmy,Kay ,Billy and I are all very proud of Tracy and as the kids always say this time of year as Mommy gets ready for her annual 150 mile bike ride, the MS150, she still needs pledges by the way, GO Mommy Go!! We Love You!!!

For all of you whom missed the celebration in Bangalore have no fears because we will be back this June and will have a celebration at our house in Golden Valley more info to follow....