Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patick's Day

Erin Go Braugh !!

The Irish contingent of the Overseas Women’s Club was in high gear this past week as preparations for the big St. Patrick’s Day Gala were under way.
The venue was the Taj residency and the turnout was well, Grand.

Tracy and myself along with Angela, Wade and Petra were decked out in our St.Patty’s Day attire and Saravana was prompt and we were off. The evening started out literally with a bang as the skies opened up and the rains came. "Hey were did we go, days when the rains came, down in a hallow playing a new game? Skipping and a jumping ,Oh by the waterfall, with you…." sorry.

Now these were no ordinary rains ooh no. Having become old hands at living in Bangalore, we all knew these rains were inevitable. We also knew that this meant mangos. Yes, yummy tasty lovely Mango’s!! We were all excited as we talked about how busy Raj our cook would be over the next few weeks making us Mango drinks. In the middle of this levity, BANG a bus actually hit us.

How could this be we were not even moving? On the contrary we were sitting still on the Martihalli Bridge, inconceivable. Of course Saravana blew a gasket and put the van in park and got out and starting yelling at the driver who claimed that we hit him. Saravana of course would not let it go and finally got back in the car looking somewhat a kin to a drowned rat! Turned out this was a Government bus and we had to just forget about it and the incident, which is somewhat easy to do, when the vehicle in question is not yours to insure.

Back to the party, sort of. The rain along with bringing mango brings traffic jams. What normally should have taken us about 30 minutes took a wee bit more than 60 minutes but we made it. Now I found it quite funny that when we arrived to the St. Patricks Day party that the welcome drink was a glass of pink non-alcoholic punch. Ironic. There were a few people there and I will not name names who were aware of this small oversight and came prepared with small bottles of what we called in the younger years “ spike” for the punch, you have to love the Irish!

There was a spread of great food from, Guinness Stew, Irish stew potatoes and Salmon cakes and yes we ate too much. The festivities included many different games on was a quiz and several people were not paying any attention to question number 10, I know as I was grading the quizzes. There was a contest to name several “photos” of Irish people and or games. There were a total of 30 questions with three teams (tables) getting 27 rights. Our group from Target ended up with a whopping 11 correct earning us the “ bobby” prize.

The evening wore on and one of our friends, Paul, even produced a bottle of green food coloring and the Kingfisher became green! What would a St. Patrick’s party be with out off key Karaoke.

The group continued on as Shane O’Neill was in constant discussion with the hotel security as they tried to close the bar at 11:30. Shane was heard saying “ now you go down to the lobby and tell the police that this is an Irish party and may very well go into the wee hours of the morning. Now be a good lad and fetch me another pint on your way.”

Oh, question number 10 “ How many calories are there in a pint of Guinness?” Answer? Well there are two really one being, who actually cares and the second being 198, you choose.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!