Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A day in the life of Tom

The continuing story of a stay at home Dad and what he does...

Trying to surmise what happens on a daily basis is not something I can do as Tracy and the kids have somewhat of a fixed schedule I have more of a fluid one like today.

I was up after Tracy as she headed out around 6:45 for a run, I meanwhile was up around 7:00 to get breakfast stared and to iron the daily clothes allotment so as I could get Jimmy up early to finish the homework he did not complete the night before. Surprisingly he was in good spirits and by 7:30 home work done, was eating 4 pieces of french toast and a half a pound of bacon when Tray returned. While Tracy was getting the lunches ready I set upon the task of getting Kay and Billy out of our bed, again, and down stairs for breakfast and then ready for school. Saravan was on time and with little fanfare the kids were off.

While Tracy was getting ready for work I had breakfast and planned my day. My hopes were to go to the gym, have Hindi lessons go to the store and get the groceries have lunch and then a nap and get the kids dinner Tracy would come home early we would have dinner and get to bed early, sounds easy right.

The gym was fine, had to leave early as Raj, our cook, called and needed some things to make lunch and dinner. I went to the ATM to get some money and my card no longer worked? We have an Indian Citi bank account with plenty of rupees and a December 2011 expiration date , what was up? Being in India I figured it was the ATM that was the problem so I proceeded to the store and got what I needed and they could not take my card saying it was no longer valid, what? They allowed me to take my supplies and pay them later. I got home and Rajish my Hindi teacher was there and wanted to use my hour to grill me about potential customers and did I know Alex and is Alex a boy or girl? Could I help him expand his base here in Whitefield or Bangalore itself, you know a lot of people right. Rajish then was interested in American slang finally I said wait , you need to teach me today and then the kids arrived and the "Hindi" lesson was over? What happened?

Then several of the Charities I work with called wondering when I was going to deliver the allocated funds from the OWC and I had to spend an hour figuring out when where and how meanwhile I received an e-mail from the facilities people at Target instructing me to go online and register my family as travelling foreigners so the US government could keep an eye on us and e-mail us pertinent information. Not to mention that I was broke and unable to contact Citi bank because the card number is invalid in their telebank system and there is no other number to reach them by. Fortunately I had the mobile number of the banker who took 6 months to set up our account in the first place so I called him. After 7 unanswered calls he finally answered and informed me it was Citi Bank's problem to which I replied that was why I called him. He responded with " Sir that is why it is Citi Banks problem not mine I have left them and no longer work there". I asked for the branch number he used to work at and he told me they do not have a phone there." WHAT

Off to the store figuring I would persevere and get our supplies. The first store was closed for remodeling and the next did not receive inventory. Finally in a defeated status I went to Frosty's our local fish and meat market and bought $75.00 worth of meat, that's right just meat and paid with our World Perks Visa getting not only an additional 3% service charge but World Perks miles as well! And finally crossing one thing off my list.

The website for the US consulate is like navigating a rural road in Coorg, India which means impossible to do with out sever damage to your vehicle and self included, try it . Go to Travelregistration.state gov, those last two words should have warned me. PSA, do not use any blank spaces. How come I have not heard back from Citi Bank. OH Christ Raj and Florence are leaving Saravan is asleep on the couch and where did Jimmy and Cody go? God bless Raj he made me tea maybe a moment of peace and quiet. Doorbell rings and it seems an altercation with Jimmy, Cody and the neighbors. Cody goes home and Jimmy gets a time out. Kay and Billy are banging on their door, their nap is over mine is a fleeting memory.

Kay suddenly decides that the artist in her must come out where are the paints? Honey we only have watercolors no paint, OK where is my plate. You see she likes to take a dinner plate and put colors on it and use that as her palate which essentially ruins the plate, we are down to only two plates that match. Kay has paint everywhere and has managed to staple party hats to paper plates announcing that these are special and must be used in the bubble bath scheduled for later this evening. Billy is proud that he can now go poopy and potty all by himself and proceeds to constantly do so. It is of no help that for the last day he has eaten only beets and therefore, well you figure it out.

I then received the following e-mail from Citi bank:Many thanks for the mail.
We request you to kindly share the Suvidha account number for us to check Status.

And then:

In receipt of the below mail, we confirm the fresh card has been issued on the 11th march and is dispatched to respective mailing address.
The relevant pins also been dispatched to the below mentioned communication address
Kindly confirm the Receipt of the same.

My mobile phone the chimes as I now have a message: In the car. Which means Tracy is now on her way home and I can not wait. The kids finally have worn out their need to be an artist a drummer and an auto repair man and it is time for the previously mentioned bubble bath,. Jimmy is out of the dog house and instead of a bath opts to do part of his homework for 15 minutes of computer time. Kay and Billy do the bubble bath dance and up we go. The tub is filled the previously made special bubble bath pieces of art are absent and the bath goes on. I have mentioned that my blood pressure rises slightly during this event as the kids tend to get more water out of the tub than in but this time miraculously they are cooperative., Kay announces it is time to get out and pulls the plug. The drain promptly clogs and the entire tub is emptied onto the bathroom floor...My mobile phone chimes again..over the bridge Tracy will be here in 10 minutes where are thing one and thing two when you need them?

The kids and I great Mommy at the door teeth are brushed and Tracy takes them to bed while I get dinner ready.

We sit down to eat and Tracy ask's so how was your day...