Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kay Marie and the Terrible Horible No Good

Really Bad Day

And we are moving her to Australia.... (Watch out Gertners!!!)

Kay Marie of late has had a somewhat rough go of it. She being 4 and1/2 ,which we can not believe, has had the 1/2 year hormone monster show up and the monster is currently kicking our butt. We are not looking forward to prepubescence.

Kay does not have a scheduled normal type day, more of a day that happens in bits and pieces around chocolate and when she got the last piece, when she will get the next one and then Kay stings these moments of chocolate induced highs into what eveyone else would call a schedule.. We will let Kay explain.

0:700 Mommy I want Chocalate for breakfast. I want it right now. Do we have any of those other things I like? What things Kay you know those chocalate things? My parents are strict in th emorning and I never get any chocalte for breakfast.:( Mostly I eat scrambeled eggs, sometimes cereal or what ever is left from last night Mom makes into breakfast.

0:730 I like to get right out of bed and get dressed all by myself. Daddy puts my clothes for the day on the table where I can reach them and I get dressed. Sometimes I like to pretend that I can do it just to she what Mom and Dad will do and you know what most of the time the still make me do !

07:50 I try to watch Tv sometimes because we are always waiting for Saravana, our driver and lots of times I make it outside and find something that I should'nt be doing and start doing that until I hear Mom " Kay Marie...get in the house and brush your teeth" I am consatantly be bothered to " brush my teeth" for cripes sake they are going to fall out anyway so why go through all this wasted effort.

08:10 Finally Saravana is here and off to school I go to get my first piece of chocolare for the day!! You see I have this plan that works pretty much everyday. I convince Saravana that if he promises to bring my chocolate for the ride home after school I will behave on the ride there. Ok Kay Kay you promise, Yes Saravana Ok. That being fixed I turn my attention to the teachers.

09:10 My first stop after assembvly is Billy's classroom. I simply let his teacher know what a good job she is doing and bingo a piece of chocolate for being such a nice child. Then it is off to my class and for this particular piece of chocolate I must work for it. I can count or sing or use any of the many other talents I have to obtain that piece of nirvana.

12:30 School is over for the day having secured two pieces of chocolate I now turn on the smile and ask Saravana. "What have you brought me today Saravana?" Chocolate Kay Kay. Thank you Saravana" being polite is a very useful tool when planning for my future chocoalte needs.

1:15 After arriving home I am somewhat jazzed up on all this chocolate succuss it is hard for me to concentrate on anything else, like sitting still or sometimes making any sense at all. My Dad says it is because of all the sugar but what does he know, he makes me brush my teeth rememeber! Raj and Florence finally interceeded and I am off to my room for a hand feed lunch and then a bath and by that time I am wiped out and ready for a well deserved nap.

4:15 Dady usually wakes me up from my nap and then after a few minutes of screaming hystecically I calm down and we go outside to play. I on most days try and talk Daddy into taking me to the store for you know, chococalte but he usually never does. But sometimes if we eat all our dinner and listen to Daddy he will take us to Baskin and Robbins for ice cream. I am not a big fan of chocolate icecream but Mango Black Currant rocks, go figure.

5:45 we head back inside from playing before the bugs come out. Daddy makes dinner while I demand to color, paint, glue, cut or whatever other artistic talent wants to emerge. Sometime we have body painting competion and it drives Daddy nuts!! We love it !

6:15 Dinner is served and of course I can not sit still and wiggle around in my chair and do not eat. Jimmy and Billy are always done before me and I end up on a time out or two before I finally wear down Daddy and convince him I have had enough. After dinner it is back to the arts! I love painting coloring and I really love glueing. So much so that I can go through two glue sticks in one night. Daddy tells me to learn about inventory management because we are always out of glue. All this generally makes a big mess but I have a plan. ' Daddy if I clean up this mess can I have chocolate?" I always get the same answer " No Kay it is to late" but a girl "has got to try what happens if you don't try, you have to try, so after much consideration could you make mine a cheeseburger?"

8:00 The bewitching hour. Daddy fortifies himself and sets off to the task of getting us to bed. The nightly ritual takes on a spirit of it's own. There are the rare days that I actually go to bed the first time Daddy ask's, but as I stated before you must not always give these grown ups their way. I like to wait until Daddy has Jimmy in bed and then Billy tucked in and has given us kisses and hugs and just as he heads out the door " Daddy, I am hungry can you bring me some food?". No Kay I told you before that if you do not eat at dinner time there is not going to be another dinner!! "Daddy can I have some cold water in a sippy cup with ice, and I mean cold water,PLEASE" " Ok Kay but if you get out of bed there will be no water!!" "Ok I won't" I get my water and wait for the final phase of my plan.

9:00 ish Mommy is home! "Mom you know Mom I have to tell you something" What Kay?" " Daddy didn't feed me dinner I want to have dinner with you because I love you and we didn't get to talk today" " No Kay it is bed time go to sleep!!' Mommy wait, wait I said I have to tell you one more thing" Yesss Kay..Mommy if I stay in bed can I have chocolate for breakfast....

That is how my days usually go....