Monday, February 04, 2008

Billy The Kid

Oh Oh what I want to know, where does the time go?

So sorry for the lack of communication over the past several days we have been without internet, AGAIN. This time it appears that some cables off the coast of somewhere were cut by something and therefore we needed to watch TV to learn when internet would be back, it is not my fault, Sir.....

Meanwhile Billy has been bery bery busy doing things that three year olds do, like keeping sibling rivalry up between the brother and sister, working on his cars and not eating.

Billy's typical day would be somewhat like:

04:13 Hey it is kinda scary here I think I will make a break for it and go bother Mom and Dad

04:15 I better slam this door so the monster doesn't follow me in here. Hey Mom move over I am cold

05:00 Somebody get me Chocolate milk right now...loud screaming ensues until either Mom or Dad get the Chocolate milk. ( side note: Many of you may know that Billy actually does not drink chocolate milk. When he was about two we would add chocoalate Pedisure into his Milk, per Raj, because it would give him strength, Raj did not know about Guniess, anyway once we ran out of chocolate flavored Pedisure, we simply stopped putting it in his milk and he would ask for chocolate milk, we would give him unflavored white milk and he was fine, so we went with it:)

06:30 My chocolate milk is gone so I may as well bang my sippy cup on the bed for awhile and see what that does.

06:31 Dad takes my sippy cup away. No matter I am really tired so I think I will take a nap for awhile

07:20 What is that grabbing my arm, Oh it is Dad hey I am not getting up it is too early. If you wake me up I will scream like crazy and then I do. Everyday this same thing happens. I get carried downstairs screaming my head off, placed in my high chair and Mom makes me breakfast that I refuse to eat. All I really want to do is play with my cars but can I do that?? NO, I have to take a bite, now swallow, I said swallow, this is painfull. No cars and I have to eat food or...Oh yeah, I forgot, no stickers, & "don't you give me that look".

08:00 By now I have calmed down after three or four time outs eaten all my rice and dal and just to get even just before we get in the car to go to school I like to, poop, it drives my parents crazy:)

08:15-12:30 I am at school, not. I go to this daycare place where they let me play with cars and trucks and go potty on the floor, it is great. I then have some scheduled time with an actual teacher but so far I still color out of the lines and mostly use the wrong color but I get treats. Sometimes they bring in animals like a turle for me to play with. I also like to talk and keep a running banter up with the other kids.

12:30 Most days my Dad comes with Saravana to pick us up but sometimes it is just Saravana and he gives us treats too.

1:00 I get home and I am really tired so Florence takes me and my sister upstairs and feeds us lunch. I eat a lot and then get a bath and take a nap for and hour or so and then Dad comes and wakes me up.

4:00 I am usually cranky and whinny when I get up but that usually only lasts forever my Dad says and then joy of joys outside to ride my bike. My friend Caden gave me his bike that he used when he was three and I have become very possive of it. So much so that if anyone even looks at my bike I will have a meltdown, can not be helped just the way I am. I ride my bike up and down the street, around in circles and sometime to the park and or the store. But I can not ride off our street with out Mom or Dad or I will lose my bike, and I know that is true because one time Jimmy did and boy was Dad hot. Jimmy did not see his bike for a whole day.

When we go to the park I like to dig in the sand or slide down the slide or sometimes swing.

Then we finally head home and my Dad and I get into a big fight around dinner as he has not figured out that I am not going to eat... ever. Only this time I announce that I have to go potty and this take his mind off trying to feed me and I actually go potty on the potty like a big boy. Well sort of like a big boy I am not tall enough so I climb on the rim and stand there and go.

After the dinner bout is over, Dad 150 Billy 151, I color with my sister or play cars with my brother and then it is bed time. For the most part I cooperate here but you know having a reputation I have to pitch a fit now and then. I also have to give hugs and kisses. Just recently I have developed this unique kissing system. First I kiss Mom and Dad on the mouth then their left check and then their forehead, for some unknown reason I ignore the right check, Oh well.

Finally I fall asleep until "THERE IS A MONSTER UNDER MY BED" and my day starts all over