Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Flat Stanley Project

Here is our friend Claire and she lives by us back in the USA.

Claire asked us to help out on a school project called Flat Stanley. This is a cool new way for kids to learn about geography,different cultures and places in the world that are not on the beaten path. So when she asked we jumped at the chance.

We have taken Flat Stanley to an India engagement ceremony,to a limestone cave in south Australia as well as a sink hole in a town called Mount Gambier. Flat Stanley visited the Melbourne Zoo and will soon be at the Taj Mahal and in New Delhi , India!

Thank you Claire giving us the honor to be part of you project and don't worry Flat Stanley will be home real soon!!
We are hoping to win the prize for "most creative" and "most adventurous" Flat Stanley travels in her grade school class. Wish us luck!!