Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa Hickey

The Hickeys have arrived! We are in the middle of a Grandparents invasion and what fun. Jim and Bunny arrived fresh off a not so wonderful trip to Paris. They were given wrong directions,were treated rude,terrible service but good food. Sounds like Paris to me! The highlight of their Paris experience came when they finally got back to their room and had a Happy Birthday Grandpa voice mail from the Loudamericans, Happy Birthday Grandpa.
They have been getting to spend some great time with the kids and us, more Tom than Tracy as work is very busy. They did have a little of an adjustment to the "atmosphere" here however we are having a wonderful time.

They have been all over Bangalore and then made the trip to Mysore, a great Bird Sanctuary,a Hindu temple and tamed the wild beast, yes they rode an elephant!!

I think the highlight so far has been Grandparents day at school because the only Grandparents there of course were Jim and Bunny!! The kids love it and the teachers thought it was fun to.

The food has been painstaking prepared by Raj and Florence and I have to believe that they have never made food with this little spice or curry before.

We are getting ready to head up to Delhi to meet the other set of Grandparents,Jeremiah and Kay. Then of to Agra and The Taj Mahal.....
The kids are LOVING the attention and we really appreciate all Grandma and Grandpa's extra help and attention. Stories are being read, hair combed, outfits coordinated.... You know all the stuff we dont get time to do with 3 kids:)
Next Blog... Welcome the Murphy and we ALL go to the Taj Mahal!!