Friday, February 23, 2007

Bangalore Supper Club

The mere idea that this group of Ex-Pats needs another reason to get together and party in itself explains a lot about this group.!!

We have had the good fortune to meet several like minded and adventurous and fun people here in Bangalore.

The idea behind the Supper Club was to get the group of about 15 of us out to a different restaurant once a month. This way we would be able to see experience many types of food and have a nice night away from kids, work and the other pressures one faces while living abroad.

The first event was a smashing success so much so that after the dinner the group returned to Trish and Kens house and partied until 7:00 am, dancing to Madonna and singing songs from The Sound of Music !!

Before I go any further I will take a moment to introduce to you the "Supper Club". In honoring anonymity I will be using only first names and then taking writers privilege with the rest.

As I mention our fearless leader Claude, who was born here in India and then moved to France and then Canada. Claude is the favorite of all the girls and Kay is no exception. She runs to him every morning yelling "Hi Claude". He falls all over her and it is quite cute.

Claude has a roommate named Damien whom I have dubbed "Inspector Clouseau" as he is from France and his accent is so French , obviously as he is French, however you can not understand a word he says. Particularly after a few drinks (I am sure that its his accent that gets worse as the night goes on and not our ability to understand....)

We then have a couple from Ireland Ken, Trish and their three kids. They have a constant flow of kids and neighbors and help flowing through their house it is a wonder they have time to play!
The next group hails from Germany by way of Bavaria, Gerald and Petra along with their three kids and newly acquired cat and dog which they found in a garbage pit behind one of the local "food stores".

We also have a couple whom are from England/California respectably, Peter and Gemma. They have just had their first baby and her name is Kyra. She is a doll!

Our neighbors Larry and Claire and their two child hail from New Jersey via Philadelphia which of course is America.

Carol and her two children are from Montreal and her husband Davis is a frequent visitor which in itself is another reason for a party!

Simon and Debbie have two children as well and are the longest family of the group staying here 18 months already. They come to Bangalore via England and have just found out they will be permanently relocating to New York in May. Very sad for us.

Of course last but not least is The LoudAmericans...

There are some fringe guests that come periodically and add some excitement however this is the main cast.

Now if I were try to describe a typical " Supper Club" event it would take way to much space so the following are a couple excerpts of different Parties...

Everyone was gathered on the terrace at Tom and Tracy's there is a nice wood fire going cocktails and dinner have been had when one couple announces "we have a new hookah" lets fire it up! For those who do not know a hookah is a water pipe that you smoke " flavored" tobacco with. This is truly tobacco for the record. Well the hookah is going all the adults have tried when I look over and there is a 7 year old taking a puff! The parents response was " well there a great deal of things that happen here in India that if people knew about back home we would be in jail for it". It is best to let what happens in India stay in India....

Another club gathering was at Carols home. She by far and away has the biggest and best house here.! We were sitting around here gazebo when Tracy says "I am going to go in and see what is going, I will be right back" 30 minutes later and no Tracy I had to go in and see what is up. Gerald and Petra had recently purchased a play station which included competion Karoke. (for some reason this game isnt being sold in the US yet. It rocks!) Tracy had challenged Petra to 99 Luft Balloons in German and was winning until Claude snatched the microphone from her hand. She was NOT happy... Claude says... "your wife isnt at all competitive is she?!"

Occassionaly we do venture out, like for Thanksgiving dinner at the Only Place. But... we've found that going to someone's home and having dinner catered is WAY cheaper as we all provide the drinks and dont need to pay restarant prices for alcohol. PLUS the kids love playing together and have their own "kid" party while the adults are also partying. The only scary part about this is, we came downstairs at the last party to find Jimmy pouring scotch and waters for all the kids. Another (older) kid had asked him too. It was funny in a really bad parent/call social services sort of way. At least we caught them at it before anyone tasted it. Although, I suppose after one sip they'ed stay away from the stuff for life as its nasty!

The group is now discussing taking the show on the road. They want to hop a flight to Bangkok or Singapore or Sri Lanka (all 3 hr flights) get hotel rooms, eat at the hotel and party back in the rooms. Fly out one day and back the next is the plan.

God help us.....