Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sports Day

Not since the likes of Mark Spitz, Mary Lou Retton,Jim Thrope and that speed skating guy who's name it can't remember, has the fanfare for sports been as over the top as was displayed at Goplan International School.

We woke early as Jimmy had to do some exercises to warm up. Sit ups, push ups and four hard boiled eggs were enough to prepare for his upcoming event.

Kay dragged her bum out of bed gave us the " look" and then said give me what Jimmy is having. A bowl of cereal, some melon and chocolate were the base Kay needed to attack to field.

We then broke out the brand new sports day uniforms. Jimmy in his black spandex shorts,white spandex shirt, white shoes and yes because even at age five perspiration will become an issue, black wrist bands. I could hear Tracy in the background humming "lets get physical,physical"

Kay was meanwhile trying to raid the refrigerator for another crumb of something clad in her black spandex pants and blueish green spandex top, no wrists bands for her!
Billy meanwhile was not in any uniform as he was not competing on the field.

The kids as usual took the bus and Tracy,Billy and myself arrived with Saravanna. When we approached the Sporting Field at what we were told a very diverse school it was comical to be the only people there with out black hair!

The stands were packed and we pushed our way into "the spot" to see the kids take the field and to marvel at our children's athletic ability..little did we know.
Meanwhile the band began to play the Indian National song , the master of ceremonies was announce. His honer The Minister of electricity for Whitefield, the applause was thundering. Nervously we awaited the arrival of the combatants. The again the band began to play and the House Captains began goosestepping around the track as the Master of Ceremonies followed with the Flag. A moment of silence and the up went the Flag along with several white doves and I believe I could see a tear shed by the lady next to me. Overcome with emotion we took our seats because now was the time for SPORTS.

The children of Nursery A,B,C came out first. Jimmy is in Nursery C. The kids were lined up by order of size there must of been at least 45 kids,and of course Jimmy was at the end of the line. The biggest kid! How proud Dad was as they took the field anticipating that which ever event Jimmy would enter he would take first place. The practicing, or whatever it was ,that led to the middle of the night sit ups and push ups was about to pay off! Then the band begun to play and to our horror, I mean , surprise the children of Nursery all 45 of them were handed pomp pomps and began to lead cheers.
We will not take this moment to bring up "Glory Days"

The children did rebound after the cheer leading event and began to do some track and field related events. Now we know why they needed the wrist bands. Jimmy and the rest of the class made the traditional trip around the track waving at the fans and screaming parents and were lead off for water and a treat. Later we properly chastised for not sending him with the "right" after sports day treats, so he was very hungry and thirsty.

Kay is in Playgroup1 of which there are 3 playgroups. The children were also lined up by size and how proud we were to see Kay KAY at the front of the line! She is so smart and listens to Mam so well that is why she is first. The kids of the playgroup astounded us with their ability to slide down slides,quack like ducks and sing Old MacDonald"s farm. Who says sports have to be all contact.You should have seen Kay attack the slide and belt out "Had a Yamb" EiEiO

Now I will acknowledge that there could not be a Sports day without having a bunch of jocks around. There is a misnomer that because one is a "jock" they tend to hit on the ladies. Well in the case of William Francis Kim Murphy that is true. While his brother and sister were out there giving their all for old Goplan International, Billy was on the playground giving his all trying to catch the attention of yet another unsuspecting coed. We had to drag Billy away and finally were able to corral the "athletes" for a sports day picture.

The vision of the "releasing" of the white doves at Gopalan Sports Day will remain with us as inspiration as our children strive towards their Olympic dreams...