Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Georgia Sunshine Village

Georgia Sunshine village is situated in shivanasamudram skirting the cauvery wildlife sanctuary 120 kms. away from Bangalore and 60 kms. from Mysore.
Shivanasamudram is a small hamlet town surrounded by forested hills and lush green valleys. It is here that the river cauvery divides into two and plummets into a 75 meter deep , rocky gorge to form the picturesque Bharrachukki and the Gaganchukki waterfalls
Downstream from these waterfalls is Asia's first hydro electric power generating station established in the year 1902 by the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore with the intention of feeding power to the former kolar gold fields .......really it is true!

So off we went for an overnight of fun in the sun,camp fires and fishing.

The drive is quite treacherous and the road is about the worse one we have been on here in India, however the place was very nice. We arrived in the afternoon on a Saturday in time for lunch. The place had a buffet lunch and was very kid and non-spicy food eater friendly.

We had a lazy lunch and then Billy and Saravana took naps while Tracy, Kay, Jimmy and myself went swimming in the pool killing time until 4:30 when we could go fishing!

The pool was clean and cold but Jimmy did not mind and soon he learned how to dive! Kay was busy collecting rocks and looking at the sheep and generally not caring about the pool at all!

After naps and swimming we met the guide to go fishing. The anticipation was in the air Jimmy was going to land a world record fish, Saravana had not been fishing before and the gleam in his eye told the story. Meanwhile Tom was wondering what kind of fish are we going to catch on poles that were made out of tree branches and hooks that were barb less,small and rusted?

On we went...

It turns out that what you catch is too small to get the hook in its mouth, jumps out of the water to eat the bait off the hook and generally it was a nuisance! The good news is that there are a lot of these aggressive minnows and we had fun seeing how far out of the water they would jump to get the "bait".

The night was great fun with a bonfire, great dinner and Billy playing with the nine dogs that ran all over the place. He was more interested in sitting on the floor playing with the dogs than anything else. Well besides the 50 or so rabbits they had in a "hutch". (They had started off with 2 rabbits and now have 50, go figure)

We retired for the evening and had a great night sleep. We woke the next morning for a nature hike that ended abruptly because we could not tolerate Jimmy and his constant whining about his legs hurt....Never take a 5 year on a nature walk before breakfast. Lesson learned.

So we had breakfast packed up and returned to Bangalore rested and ready for the Grand Parents to visit!
This is a HIGHLY recommended stop if you are ever in the Mysore/Bangalore area...