Friday, March 13, 2015

Travelling Baseball yes or no....

So the lad has been going to batting and pitching clinics and one on one instruction for the past 6 weeks gearing up for the all important baseball try-out, which occurred this past weekend.

About 60 13 year olds crammed into the Orono sports center to take the field for 8 different stations from which they will be ranked and the drafted according to some formula that the author was not privileged to learn. For those of you not in the know, Jimmy loves playing catcher and he is pretty darn good at it, so he was hoping that his skills would help him make it on to one of the two travelling teams.

The league consist of a travelling AAA, a travelling AA, and a select team and then 5 different house leagues. The caliber of play is the highest on the travelling teams and not so much on the select and house. We were trying to keep Jimmy focused on making a team where he can both learn and contribute, however it was AAA or AA or he was not interested, tough competitor.

Well, the tryout came and wouldn't you know it Jimmy had a cold, and the other curse a new glove.
He did fine in the first round and was called back for the afternoon session which dropped the total down to about 40 kids. He was a bit downhearted when he came back, having dropped a majority of his pitches, making connection on his hitting attempts and felt he didn't  "show case his skills". He was in near tears. The kids is passionate!

The waiting had begun, the tryout ended Sunday afternoon and the teams would be drafted and published on Wednesday, three whole days of waiting......below is the AA Roster;


Ryan Baker

Jacob Chow

Caleb Hoffman

JJ Martin

Charlie McNeil

Ethan Mielke

Jimmy Murphy

Ryan Nelsen

David Peterson

Nicholas Renk

Jason Schumacher

Jacob Wall

The team will meet in late March to begin practice and positions will be decided then but in the
mean time Way to go Jimmy!!!!
If you want to see us this Summer come to the ballpark, the Dojang or the Gymnastics Arena, because that's where the Loudamericans will be....more to come