Sunday, March 22, 2015

Billy and Belt Testing

Billy has been deep into Taekwondo and practicing heavily these past few weeks to get ready for his first belt test here in the US.

Billy is no stranger to belt testing as he currently owns 10 belts since the Taekwondo journey started three years ago. He's diligent, confident and he really enjoys the sport.

Billy would began his day with several practice rounds of patterns in the hopes of mastering them for the test. Then he would end his day the same way. Taekwondo lessons and private lesson during the week and mindless electronics training on the weekend, a kids needs a break now and then :)

The testing day finally was here and Billy was ready, albeit a bit nervous, but with Zen like focus he bowed and enter the dojang with his goal in his mind and in his heart. The place was packed and even Mr. Lemon was surprised by the turnout, many young grasshoppers ready to advance. The whole group warmed up and stretched out preparing for the upcoming test.

Billy was focused and was having a good time smiling and interacting with the rest of his TKD buddies. He was perfect in form and when it came time to break his first board, WHAM, bring it on!
The whole test went on for about an hour and a half and when the dust settled, Billy was one of only 4 kids to have ever received their brown belt and he was very proud and all smiles.

Once we got home and things settled down we were hanging Billy's old belt on his " belt board" with the rest of his belts and Billy leaned over to Nikki and in his quiet way whispered to her. " look Nikki, I did it!"

We are proud of Billy and his commitment to his sport!
Way to go Billy!!!

(A few side notes, it seems that our sign was the 1st sign EVER at a belt testing in 13 years, everyone loved it! The red uniforms are for those that have been invited to black belt club, a big honor!)