Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kay Update

Kay had her last competition of the season at level 5 and …it was a surprise come back!!

The meet started off VERY stressful as her 1st event was bars. Normally she rocks these but… nerves must have taken over because she fell off twice. Its brutal to watch your child make mistakes on skills that you KNOW they have mastered. we talk about, being an athlete is only ½ physical the rest is attitude and mental strength and Kay proved that in spades!  Up next, beam.
The warm up for beam was nerve wracking. All of the girls fell off at one point and one of her friends LITERALLY landed on her head twice trying to practice her back hand spring on the beam. (This was the 1st meet where they were doing a back hand spring on the beam, not just a back walk over). I thought I was going to throw up. Really hard to watch but she was ok and got back up and tried and tried again (with success!). Kay’s beam performance was good, she executed her back hand spring and had terrific form.  Then, her favorite, floor. She was AMAZING!! A near perfect performance, with skills, technique and a front and back tuck that were landed perfectly. You could tell she felt good and had totally put the bar performance behind her. That’s what I’m talking about!! Finally, vault.  This is normally her least favorite (think speed, strength and not weighing very much, she literally goes flying)  but….she nailed it.
A really nice vault!! So, overall …. 7.1 bars  8.2 beam  (1st place) 8.75 vault (2nd place)  9.5 floor (1st place and the next place finisher got 9.1) for 2nd overall.  She really did well and was very happy. As an added bonus, her team took 1st place overall too! YEAH!! Now, its …training for level 7 (yes, they think she should be able to skip level 6 as one of the key skills is a back hand spring on the beam) and competitions this fall. It’ll be nice to get into a deep skills routine and get ready.

Go Kay Go!! So so proud of you and your winning physical and mental strength as well as your great attitude and team spirit.

With gymnastics over it was then off tot he 6th grade Choir concert! Kay and her classmates entertained us with several different show-tunes and she even had a solo! She was having a great time and had a smile on her face the whole night!

The girls had to "pose" after the show and ham it

up they did!!

Below is the video link the first one is Kay on the Beam and the second is Kay on the floor: