Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jim Fellows is boring

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY Jim Fellows!!

Last night Jen Fellows threw Jim Fellows a killer surprise 50th birthday roast. Hosted at Buca (way yummy foods) everyone took turns telling Jim Fellows stories and Jim himself even got into the action at the end. It was so fun to see and be with all their dear friends and family that we met at the wedding. REALLY good times. Tom emcee'd and wore a tux with converse and jeans. They made Jim "masks" that we all held up when he came into the room. Some great stories were shared:

Jim getting arrest at all of his youth retreats
The girl from imponema
Veggies that make your pee smell
Jesus Shaves
Tom's career as a lawyer and judge (the best practical joke on Jim in his entire life)
Unhouse trained rabbits
Buddha cats named Gar
Lots of fart jokes
the list goes on an on ...

Jim is such a good friend to so many - it was so fun to honor him and have some fun/love together.

We love you Jim Fellows!  Here's to another 50 years on this planet!!
Amanda and Karen - smartest women we know!

Andrea her daughter and Jen's daughter and her friend

Jim and Andrea, his cousin
Jim and Jen

Jim with himself


Tracy with her boys