Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Kay- Part 3

Kay is the queen of extending her birthday every year she some how manages to have at least 2 if not 3 separate parties and of course she is the center of attention, And this year was no different.

This past Saturday she had a sleepover party with 5 of her besties and the birthday theme was another original Kay idea. She was able to come to this years Golf for the Gift tournament and was enamored with the silent auction event. So this year for her birthday she had a silent auction/restaurant dining experience/movie party. The other thing Kay incorporated into the event was fake money. Each girl was given &700.00 ( which may seem like a lot however it was exactly the amount that came in the package ). Then the kids had to pay for their dinner & drinks as well as have enough money left for the auction.

We gave Kay a budget and she set off making lists organizing the menu and settling all the details. She shopped at several discount stores searching for the key items for the auction and then hit Target for the final items and dinner menu. She did a great job and came in pretty much on budget. The auction items were things like lip gloss, hand sanitizer, ear buds, make-up & lip stick, you get the idea, GLAMOUR!!!

Tracy and Angela were the waitress and Tom was the Chef, the menu was quite extensive. Kay wanted all the girls to sit around the table and visit while Tracy and Angela took their orders and waited on them, she wanted the wait time for their meals to be about 20 minutes, just like in a restaurant. The dinner finished up and while the restaurant staff was cleaning up the girls all went up to the park, why not?

Then the auction began. Tracy was the auctioneer and Angle was the bid controller and the frenzy ensued. They girls all had different strategies, saving their money for the big final item, bidding high right off the bat to scare away any potential bidders, it was fun. The next morning one of the girls commented " I cant believe I paid $20 dollars for lip gloss! what was I thinking?"
After the auction the ice-cream cake came out and the presents were opened again the girls were very thoughtful with the gifts and loved the cake.

Then it was off to the basement for a gigantic sleepover, movie and home made popcorn for one of the presents Kay got at an earlier b-day party. Of one the girls gave Kay a selfie stick which they used non-stop until Tom's iPhone shut down with to may pictures! The girls all had breakfast and headed home on Sunday, it was an great party and the theme was a hit, so much so Kay cant wait for her birthday next year to do it all over again!
Happy Birthday Kay, we love you!!!
more to come....