Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Billy!

Today is Billy's Gotcha Day - 6 years ago today (7/5), he came home from Korea to be part of our forever family. We are SO blessed that he has loving birth and foster parents AND that these parents loved him so much that they made incredibly hard decisions so that he could have a life in which he would thrive. I cant even imagine the courage, heartbreak and selflessness that went into those decisions. We are SO GRATEFUL!

Billy has had another banner year. Some major accomplishments:
~ He has learned to read! He continues to be a total book worm and given a choice of just about anything, will always pick reading a book with Mom or Dad. Its fun to read with him as he can read about 1/2 of the book himself.

~ He is a major Legos "fan" and went to Lego camp last week. Upon arrive, and being the youngest kid in the camp, the instructor said "Do you like Lego's?" Billy's reply "This IS Lego camp, right?" The instructor countered with "Do you have Lego's at home?" Billy's response, dripping with sarcasm "Well, yeah, (duh) I'm a big fan, that's why I'm at camp". He can spend HOURS in his room making creations (cleations in Billy speak).

~ He is still our dog whisperer and loves any dog that comes in his path but Nikki is his soul mate, they spend hours watching TV and cuddling. Thank God Nikki is mellow enough to not mind being used as a Hot Wheel track. Which brings me to...

~ Hot Wheels, Cars, Motorcycles, Submarines, Planes , Helicopters...basically get Billy's attention with anything that has an engine and you have him hooked. He's very curious how they work and I think he'll be ready to change the oil in our car within the year.
Billy is still a big hugger and loves to tell us how much he loves us.

Billy is also a huge Clemson fan!

We love you Billy Baloo!! More than the whole universe:)