Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer camps Week 1

Here's a story about 3 children all leading very charmed lives, summer vacations camps, all to their liking,
the youngest one in LEGO'S........  (I totally want my kids life....)

Ok so this past week was the first week of summer camps for the kids, this year they each have 3 weeks of camps, and still find time to complain.

He spent the week in LEGO camp with 15 of his newest and best buddies creating LEGO creations, fighting fierce battles and even managing to make a trip or two the local park. The fierce pace of LEGO building needs to be set aside for some outside playing and revamping the mental prowess for the afternoon sessions. Billy built transforming, expanding and even giant LEGO projects, and at one point he combined his two favorite things and made a LEGO chess set he love it! (yes, its also called nerd camp....)  The camps run from 9:00-3:00 and Billy would promptly fall asleep in the car on the way to get Kay!

Note: we promptly signed up for a second week in Aug.

The Chef Upstairs was her daily destination and Chef Michelle greeted Kay each day with a hug and asked her if she was ready for another day of cooking fun! Kay was armed with a notebook into which she wrote all the recipes and even has side noted as to how to improve them, however (like a diary) this book is off limits to everyone! The cooking camp is Kay's favorite and she not only came home exhausted she was usually soaking wet, the afternoons were hot so the kids and Chef Michelle headed over to the local splash pad for a bit of cooling off. The main theme of the week was dessert so we were treated with, cake, apple crumble, chocolate chip cookies and then a Kay inspired treat Maple Syrup sugar donuts covered with bacon, yep you got to eat here! Kay barely made it to the car before falling sound asleep on the way to get Jimmy.  AND...we think she ate her weight in food each day, a real accomplishment for those of you who know Kay's eating habits.

Note: we promptly signed up for a second week in Aug.

"I really can't tell you what we are going to play for the performance on Friday, wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!" We get the same canned speech every time he goes to Rock Band camp, he keeps the band name, songs and artists a secret until we get there and for some reason thinks we won't know the songs. As it turns out most of the time, the songs they play are recommendations for Jimmy, who's source for these songs is Tracy, but who tells their rock band mates their Mom thinks this is a cool song!

The first thing the kids do at camp is get to know each other and then get down to the serious business of naming the band, this year there were actually three bands:

Band name – Power Walking with the Grizzlies (PWWTG) but it was announced as Power Napping with the Grizzlies which I actually like better.
The band with all 9 kids is The Breeze Crew (TBC) and they all had “breeze” nicknames – Jimmy was young breeze, there was an old breeze, might wind, tornado and gentle breeze.

PWWTG (1st band) played The Black Keys Lonely Boy and Get Lucky by Daf Punk  

TBC played The Lumineres Hey Ho, Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and  Oye Como Va by Santana (including a solo by each band member - yes, it was a long long song)

Click to View Lee's Palace Concert Photos!  !  Week 2 Concert Photos  very cool album cover shot
This years venue was a Toronto land mark Lee's Palace, for this of you in Minneapolis... think First Ave but a tad bit smaller, no less dirty and tons of history of bands playing there before they were famous. Its an icon and we'll be able to say ...yep Jimmy played there... (Note: trying to sign up for a 2nd session in Aug, but awaiting location details)

What's absolutely amazing as a parent is watching your kids discover and follow their bliss.  They are each so passionate about what they love and they completely emerse themselves in it once they find it. You could feel the joy and excitement each night as they talked about their day and Jimmys performance is a great representation of how they each felt at camp - totally engaged, committed, passionate, full of joy and in their bliss.  Truly amazing....