Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ex-Pat Wedding and Reunion

Last weekend we loaded the kids into the truckster and headed down to Noblesville, Indiana to celebrate the Wedding of our friend's Paul and Tamara and to catch up with many of the Ex-Pat's we met while in India.

The trip was relatively easy as far as the Loudamerican's except for a moment or two while we were crossing into the US via Detroit. This crossing looks like a border crossing left over from the cold war complete with guard dogs and car checks, also there is only one lane due to "bridge repair".
We made to the town of Maumee " pronounced Mommy), which of course the kids got a kick out of. We found an awesome hotel that had three, count em, 3 double beds, no sleeping on the floor, why other hotels don't so this is beyond me!

Friday we headed off to met the rest of the group and while many of these people have travelled all over the world, it seems that travelling from Minneapolis through Chicago an into Indiana they all forgot their happens to be a time zone change! The "rehearsal" dinner was more of a BBQ and get aquainted event. Tamara's family hosted the entire weekend from the BBQ through the Wedding, and it was simply awesome. We all had time to met her family and friends along with Paul's family and hang around the pool and watch the kids wearing themselves out. The group headed out after the BBQ to hang at the hotel and it was fun catching up!

Saturday we had the day free as we were not allowed back to the Wedding until 5 o'clock, and not a moment earlier! So Rhada, Krishnan, Tejas, Kerty, Wade Angela, Caden, Wyatt and the Loudamericans set off to explore Noblesville, watch out. We found an outdoor Historic Heritage Park and the kid s had a ball. The saved the town from the rebels, fought a furious battle over the vegetable garden, learned how to throw and ax, properly and took a hot air balloon ride, awesome!

The Wedding was beautiful. The setting was a grassy hall surrounded by tress and a whole bunch of people who showered the bride and groom with love. The ceremony was really sweet and Paul and Tamara each said their vows and then placed them in a box so they could use them as a reference at a later point in time sort of like saying ' Yes Dear". There was dancing and signing and moving to the grove and then when it hit us someone shouted.......

This group of friends whom we see now occasionally as things change and people take different jobs, switch companies move to Toronto, things like that happen in life however it is nice to have friends that you seamlessly fall right back into a groove with. The kids have similar experiences and had same life stories, the adults as well and it was just fun, easy and full of love.

Congratulations to Paul and Tamara and thank you for a super fulfilled weekend!
more to come.....