Friday, July 05, 2013

Billys Gotcha Day!!

Happy Gotcha Day Billy!

8 years ago today, Billy came home to be a permanent part of our family and the LoudAmericans.
He was a very intense baby that watched/studied us all endlessly. He giggled uncontrollably and was a great cuddler.

Not much has changed:) Billy is still extremely observant and asks the most insightful questions (he and I had a 45 min conversation about God and heaven last weekend, made me pause and reflect on not only what I believe but how do you communicate that to someone who is actively trying to from an opinion). He is always the 1st to give a kiss, cuddle or say "I love you" and has the best silly/belly laugh of all times.

Billy, also know as Baloo, Bill Pickle, Shauny, Buncu (when the other kids want to get a rise out of him) and... when we are upset with him WIlliam Francis Kim !!  is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Lego expert, a talented skateboarder and getting really good at reading music and playing piano.

He's also an expert gamer and knows EVERYTHING about Skylanders and my phone is loaded with No Zombies, Monster, Class of Clans, BattleNations, DragonVale, Knights and Hungry Shark (the current favorite). 

Nikki is his soul mate and when he tells me that he loves me "almost as much as I love Nikki" its actually a HUGE compliment as I KNOW that she is his whole world.

He's generous with his friends and plays with anyone. He's a total squirrel and can get his friends to do some mean break dance moves.

He has a memory "problem", whenever he doesnt want to answer a question he says "I forget". He also shuts down when angry or sad and its virtually impossible to get him to speak/express himself (we are working on both of these but I feel bad for future people he dates - he's definitely going to be the silent type).

Some Billy-isms:

  • I look just like Juanita (said when his eye swelled shut due to a bug bite - basically he was comparing himself to Juantia the 1 eyed dog)
  • Cuddle me but dont touch me (nightly request)
  • Hi Mom how was your day? (translated means...can I use your phone?  We told him he couldnt ask for my phone until he welcomed me home and gave me a hug) 
  • Imagine if....(this is currenlty how he starts 95% of his sentences - he's a thinker that one....)
  • Make me something I like (when asked what he wants for breakfast, or lunch or dinner)
  • Can I have that thing I had at Tammy's (the answer to what do you want for breakfast?  He means a hard boiled egg)
  • I like being a kid, I dont know anything about grown ups (he TOTALLY knows he's got a good thing going and is in NO hurry to grow up)
Billy, you are an amazing, smart, loving, generous, thoughtful, insightful,sensitive person. We cant wait to be a part of the rest of your life:)

We Love you Billy!!