Monday, August 12, 2013

Living in Fast Forward

Irish Korean Rock Stars out of control, the kids have been living life in fast-forward, time to cool down... real slow....

The Summer Camp part II came screaming up at us as the wheels touched down in Minneapolis, no sooner had the announcement by the flight attendant " The local time in Minneapolis is.." and the kids wanted to know when the first sleep over was, who are we seeing first, who's on second... whoa, we still have to get our luggage, and that's how rock stars start their vacations!

The 10 day period was so full of events that it will take 2 blogs to do it all justice! Friday after we cleared the rental car and had lunch we stopped by Target to get supplies and then into the rental house for un-packing and planning. Friday evening found us at Rhada & Krishnan's home along with several of the other ex-pat friends and families we met while in India and the reunion/ get together was full of laughter, great food and awesome memories. Jimmy racked up his first sleep over as his friends Jessie & Preston had him over for the night. The 3 musketeers were back in action!

Saturday found us able to sleep in(a bit) and ready for what has now become our annual trip to Dicks Sports Barbers for the boys haircut's and catching up with Dick. Tom has been getting his haircut there since he was 13 and it was the place of each Jimmy Kay and Billys 1st haircuts. Its a family tradition and they have the best haircuts on the planet!  Saturday night was a fun filled bash of full on boys as we went to the Orvedahl's.  Doug and Jennifer along with James and the twins Sam and Sean provided a night of energy burning and great burgers. Kay hung in there even swimming in their above ground not so heated pool. However girl power won out and Kay headed over to Carmen's to lodge her first sleep over and night with her bestie. (Sam and Sean are seriously Billy/Kays alter personalities. They just "fit" and James is one of Jimmys besties) 

Sunday we celebrated birthday's for both Kay and Grandpa Jeremiah complete with zip lining and an afternoon at the park. The Grandparent's had a blast catching up with the kids and sharing stories, along with planning a trip to Toronto in the coming fall! Then Sunday night was the beginning of the craziness known as KCC or for those not in the know, Korean Culture Camp, the second main event in kiddom only behind, the big guy, A number 1, SC for short. We met the Van Meter's (less Jeff) at the Buckley's new home in Edina. Sherra, Rich , Robbie and Joey had us over for great food, and of course S'Mores and great way to start the week!

KCC, is in its (who knows how many years somewhere around) 35+ years, the camp runs the last week of July, it's full of great fun, great food and about 400 Korean Adoptees, their families and about 200 volunteers.  Tom works all week in the kitchen, well 2 Toms and a bunch of other great people who work tirelessly  to create classic Korean Food from scratch for 600 people, everyday of camp AWESOME! (The kids have literally said its the best week of their whole year and that they'd trade their birthdays AND Christmas if they could go everyday.  We had to promise to come back every year we are in Canada otherwise we weren't allowed to move. I have to admit, Tom and I agree!)

The kids just love it and Jimmy is now one year away from one of his first goals, teen helper! The campers themselves are finished after 6th grade and then can go on to be teen helper. This year Robbie was the new helper on the block and chop, chop. Jimmy and his brother Joey along with Shin Be and Noah tormented him ruthlessly about lemonade, more food and the like, remember Jimmy.... what goes around comes around!

Kay was super excited to participate in the Korean Dance and to learn about all the cool dance moves while Ol' Bill was somewhat to cool for Taekwondo school, being a greenbelt and all! The camp teaches the kids about their culture, heritage and spends sometime on self esteem, which they all love.

Next up, sleepovers, dinner parties,  Jim & Jen's reception

and even a date night! More to come...