Friday, April 05, 2013

Happy Easter-Bunny

The kids can't wait until Easter morning when they can get on the phone and call Grandma Hickey ( Bunny) and shout into the phone HAPPY EASTER BUNNY!

The entusiams is fueled by several pounds of candy which they relentless search the house for creating sugar induced monsters, Ah but I digress.

This year Alison, Larrie and Jessi came to visit. They are friends of ours who we met in India and Jessi and Jimmy are BFF'S. They arrived Thursday afternoon and the fun began. We finished up the usual running round and had a great meal of Chullapa's and spent the night catching up and sharing stories. Alison works at Target, thus the Indian connection and Larrie and Tom share the stay at home Dad, chief cook and bottle washer duties. The kids played video games and basically did kid things.

Friday was a holiday around these parts and Larrie and Alison headed off to Niagara to knock another item off their bucket list while the rest of us hung around the old homestead. Tracy took the kids, plus Jessi, on a long roller blade, bike, skateboard dog walk, not sure how they managed to not get all tangled up, but Tracy does work miracles. The day also consisted of smoking a Turkey and trying to keep Kay out of the kitchen, which is rally a daily activity, days off are harder than  most. The evening ended with a couple of the neighbor kids, Jake and Josh, joining us for dinner and of course the smoked turkey with all the fixings was awesome!

Saturday was off to 'do' the town, downtown that is... CN Tower, Kensington market, ChinaTown and pork bone soup. The CN tower was pretty interesting as far as local tourist traps go. The fact that the elevator ascends 1.150 feet in 58 seconds is what sets this tourist trap apart for the rest, not to mention you can look through the glass floor and watch your lunch travel towards the ground as you travel into the stratosphere, hello Jack... wheres the giant? The tower is listed as one of the new 10 marvels of the world that and the simulated roller coaster ride is one of the Historical Societies must experience rides, with that kind of endorsement we may have to return. No trip would be complete without mentioning that Target has now opened in the neighborhood.

Pork bone soup is worthy of one blog all by itself, seriously by far the best soup ever. Korean food in general rocks but the pork bone soup is a thing of beauty and before you cant dig in you must bow your head and show some respect, it's just that good.
Lunch empowered us to wander around Kensington Market.  If Kay ever follows through and runs away from home, all we have to do is head over to Kensington, that's where she'll be. Tons of neat little shops, a couple of open air Korean markets, dried fish everywhere.. quite the draw. We all had a blast checking out the unusual items and even found a #4 Bret Favre Jersey, remember him AND a Robert Brooks jersey!?  Connie Gumper would be proud:) That night we had several sitters, 2 boy's and a girl all high school freshman age. One of them, who shall remain nameless... was traumatised, to the point where they will never babysit again, Oh well, more sitters where they came from. Larrie, Alison, Tracy and Tom were rewarded with a much needed night out. Taking the subway back downtown we had dinner at the awesome Volvos Greek restaurant, the flaming cheese that everyone was getting looked great so we ordered it and much to Alison's chagrin the flame on ours sort of fizzled out. Somewhat underwhelming was the exact adjective, no matter the rest of the food was awesome and a huge thanks to our friends for picking up the tab!

Sunday brought the rascal rabbit to our warren along with eggs, eggs and more eggs! Easter baskets for the kids and a very nice Easter Champagne Brunch for the adults! Larrie and Tom powered up and before we knew it we had Eggs Benedict with fresh made Hollandaise, Cinnamon french toast, Chorizo Hash,and Kay and Jessi created some awesome buttermilk biscuits, what a feast! We spent the rest of the day lazing about and just having a quiet day, totally needed it! Sunday night Tracy got busy and whipped up an awesome Lasagna for the kids and smoked salmon, risotto and asparagus for the adults, seriously need to hit the gym!

Monday we had another day off so after a leftover breakfast we headed off to REPTILE world, another tourist trap, but it was pretty well done. We watched them feed the alligators dead rats and  Kay was chosen to help during the 'Pet the Snake' portion of the tour and got to hold a 15' Boa, only Kay!

That done and a quick lunch at Tracy's newest favorite place, Mucho Burritos, it was time to say good-bye. The was a slight hiccup in the plans when Delta called to say the plane was delayed however all in all it was no big deal.

It was a great way to spend the Easter weekend with great friends, great food, babysitters, dinners out a huge Thank you to Alison, Larrie and Jessi for coming to Toronto and hanging with us!
Happy Easter to all...more to come