Monday, April 08, 2013

MS 150 - AGAIN!!

It's that time again....Two weekends ago, we had one reasonably warm day (50 degrees) and I got my 1st ride in – 60 mins, not a bad start! Our St Pat's day party was a success, the Easter Bunny came ~~~~ all signs that it's time for me to start training for the MS150!

This year the ride is June 7-9th. The Target Team is growing and we are aiming for our second year of 100+ riders! I am really excited!! I’ll be traveling back to ride in MPLS even though my training will happen in Canada (‘eh). I’ll be celebrating my finish with a cruise out of Miami with my husband, sans kids. Exactly the motivation I’ll need to finishJ

My fundraising goal is being “upped” as they say… from $1000 to $2,500. Last year, you all were incredibly generous and helped me beat my goal ($2,190 on a goal of $2,000!). This year, while I know times continue to be tough, I am hoping that you'll set aside a little extra $ for this cause.

As a reminder, I ride for my Uncle Alan and all the people living with and affected by MS.  I am not alone, last year over 3,000 people biked and there were 1,000+ volunteers: everyone united in raising money to find a cure for MS and to help people lead productive lives. (Plus it's just a whole bunch of fun!!)

I'll be riding with my longtime friend Wendy and with 100+ of my Target friends as well as friends from Team General Mills (WENDYJ) and Team Donaldson (ANGELAJ) I think this will be our 19th year riding together and while you'd think it would get a bit repetitive, every year is a new adventure.  If you remember last year, it was the toughest, hottest, windiest most challenging year ever. There is NO way this year will be harder than last (it better not be!)  If you want to join us, let me know! I'll get you set up!  

If you want to donate, feel free to check out Or, you can just make out a check to MS Society and I'll be sure to hand it in for you.

If you don’t want to donate, no worries, just send thoughts of low 60's, slightly cloudy, a backwind and downhill the whole way:) That is a huge help in itself and its always a good morale boost to know that people are sending us good vibes.

Keep an eye out for my training/fundraising blogs and...enjoy Spring!

(FYI - to date I've already raised $350, I love my friends:))