Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random life events/quotes

Its been pretty quiet around here lately which, for any other family, would be normal. For us, its border line boring.  But, since we are the LoudAmericans, there really is never a dull moment.

Tidbits from our life...

Billy - per an earlier post, Billy LOVES being a kid. In fact, as we share the best part of our day at dinner each night, he is frequently quoted as saying "it was a normal day...AWESOME!"  He loves Scholastic (remember the order forms you got at school to order books? he's addicted!).  The other day, he had a big smile on his face the whole way home from school and was clutching his jacket to his chest. He and Tom were talking and he said "do you ever wish you could just keep things the way they are - forever? we'd never get older, we'd always be together but we'd still get to have birthdays and stuff"  Sure enough, he had a brand new Scholastic category. He poured through it and wizely choose 2 new Lego Chima books. The excitement and wait was palatable!  Also, final Billy-ism. We are working on creating a job chart sot hat teh kids can earn allowance. Of course, anything we want to put on there, doesnt generate much enthusiasm (dishes, make bed, clean toliet, you know....) Tom told Billy he was considering putting "not pitching a fit" on the chart. Billys reponse?  "Thats not a chore, thats an accomplishment!" Touche!  (as a side note, his new favorite way to start a sentence is..."Imagine if...".  I wish I could bottle him up and save him for later, like when he becomes a defiant teenager.    

Kay - we've created a monster. No lie, she bakes or makes something in the kitchen on a daily basis. She's actually quite good but never eats whats she makes. Although, Nikki did enjoy 9 vanilla cupcakes the other day, wrappers and all, when we werent looking.  She also spent 4 hours last Sunday making a snail sanctuary for a snail she found. The snail is now relocated into her room. She and Tom are Cooking channel junkies. Give them unlimited access to the TV (when Jimmy doesnt have it tuned to sports) and they'll watch for hours. Last night, as we were watching a 3 play of Diners, Drive Inns and Dives, she said "wow, I think I just gained 4 pounds watching this show". And, she was right, it looked amazing. Billy hates to watch with us because he says it makes him hungry.  Kay is Kay. Still really passionate (borderline volitale) but super fun to be around as long as her blood sugar is stable. She definitely is the unpredictable emotional factor in the house. Cant wait until she hits puberty. I hope thats year 1 of university or Tom might be moving out. Wish I could say I want to bottle her too but....I'd love to have her energy, its just sometimes a bit much to deal with on an daily, hourly, minutely basis. She is defintely her own person and I'm really proud of that!  

Jimmy - he's at the ackward time between basketball season and baseball season and winter football training has also ended. He's restless and I get it. Its hard to be an energetic 11 yr old when it rains every day and spring hasnt really hit. Good thing we got him a basketball hoop for Christmas. He's out there for hours a day, perfecting his sport. We play endless games of HORSE and PIG and he's got a number of signature shots. In fact, he has an ally oop from the street that actually went in that we got on video. We'll try to post it. Kay was the camera person so its a bit wobbly but still an amazing shot. Hes getting challenged in drums by his teacher - describe why music is a language. Good existential training for the boy.    He also finally showed his music teacher at school a youtube of him playing and she (along with the rest of the class) was floored. At some point, she's going to pull him out of class and have him show the grade 8 & 9 music teachers what he can do. We were proud of him for sharing that as to date, he's been pretty private with his friends about his music. He's a super good kid and in a really fun stage of kid-dom. Not many arguments and he gets our jokes. Again, wish I could bottle this up.

Tom just finished a brunch course at school and thank god its over. We were all on our way to weighing in 20 pounds heavier. cream, butter, bacon, sauces, olive oil, you name it. Yummy! Today hes at a one day tapas class, super excited for what he brings home! He's been volunteer extradiniar at Kay/Billys school (Cameron) - he lead Billys class through 4 sessions of building "boats" on wheels and helped all the 4th grade classes on Scientist in School day.He should be on the payroll!

I'm still taking drums and finding it really challenging. I wouldnt say I'm not talented but its not natural, like Jimmy. I can finally play "Little Black Submarines" by the Black Keys. I think my teacher gets frustrated that I'm a repressed adult and not a carefree kid but... I think he likes the challenge.  Work is easing up a bit, 10 hour + days instead of 11-13 hours and much more limited weekend work. Thats nice but I suspect we might be in the eye of the storm a bit. Trying to enjoy, but its not necessarily in my nature. I'm working on it:)

Nikki is driving us crazy! Despite a daily 3-6 mile walk, she has now taken to wanting to be outside 6+ hours a day and "talks" to us when she wants to play. She barks and moans, grabs her ball or frizbee and then runs to the back door. You'd think she was a puppy again. Its cute but exhausting. Poor thing, I think she needs a pet.

Thats it, random bits of our daily lives....