Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

The final official weekend of the summer was off to a dismal start as we were stuck in traffic on our way to pick up Tracy at her office before heading west to the beautiful bedroom community of Port Huron,MI. We also encountered a accident which prohibited us from exiting the 401, prompting us to make a tour around the airport. I had to retreat to iphone/gps to reconfigure the route causing a breakdown from the number 2 child...

Once we were out of Toronto proper, it was clear sailing all the way to our next traffic delay in downtown Port Huron. It seems that there are several bridges that one can chose from to cross over the St. Clair river and reach the other side, however you have to wait until they can locate the "guy" that knows how to operate the lift. You see, Port Huron has waterway's similar to those found in south Florida, where people have homes on these waterways, gaining access to the main water and screwing up traffic for the land lubbers causing young children to become addicted to mobile electronic devices because the Internet has done away with personal communication, where was I?

We finally reached our destination which was not in Port Huron, which yours truly thought, but about 25 miles south west which caused a wee bit of friction in the vehicle, at a time where electronic devices were banned, Happy Hour yet?

The campground was very nice, our sites were right next to the showers and bathrooms, which were remarkably clean and overall the place was nice. Tammy and Jeff arrived, we got our sites arranged, our tents up and we were off the closest restaurant for dinner., Which...its Murphys law...  was closed when we got there, however 6 complaining kids open a lot 'o doors and in we went and dinner was served!

Saturday was sort of a lazy morning exploring the camp, meeting the other campers and just getting the lay of the land. We did venture out later in the day to the local pool for some exercise and fun in the sun. Georgia and Kay were one team Jimmy, Joey and Billy the other in a very one sided swimming contest with Georgia and Kay winning all 9 matches. The boys have some work to do!
Back at the campground the boys challenged the dads and the girls to a football game, first team to 35 wins. Half way through the boys tried to change the rules when they were down 28 to 7. Proposed new rules... you had to win by 2, no way! The boys took it hard but hey you make the rules, you live by the rules! We had chalupa's for dinner a great campfire and it was early to bed.

Sunday we headed down to the river and into the river we dived, well the kids did. There was a jump off area on the docks where the kids could jump over the side and down about 10 feet to the water and then a ladder to climb back out, they loved it.

Up the dock about 10 feet from us was this guy who looked very similar to Quint ,from the movie Jaws and he was reeling in what turned out to be a big ugly catfish which the kids immediately got down on the dock and began to pet, really.

 Sunday night was a pasta feast complete with real campground drama. Turns out, down the lane from us, one of our fellow campers was VERY over served, got all wound up and while trying to make some point actually stabbed himself in the side. The police, fire and rescue, paramedics and ambulance all roared into the campground, trying to be the first on the scene, meanwhile the kids were all over the place creating new urban myths about the guy who stabbed himself. On a serious note they took him to the hospital and we pray he was alright.

The weekend was a blast (as usual) the cousins had fun, we adults had some down time and planned our next family adventure...skiing in Northern Michigan at Christmas time. Sounds peaceful, right!?!

Happy Labor Day and enjoy the quiet that comes with back to school, more to come.

God Bless