Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday TOM!!!

Yesterday was Tom's birthday and it was ALL ABOUT TOM:)

The universe collaborated to give Tom a great "me" day. after dropping the kids off at school, he was able to get in a good work out, 90 minute massage and even signed up for Chef School.

Yep, Tom is going back to school. We are really excited about this opportunity for him. Not only is he following his passion, but we get the benefits too:)  He'll start on Saturday. There is a 12 week compulsory course that he needs to take before he can get into his other courses. He visits the school today to pick up his books, chef outfit and cooking "tools". We are all thrilled for him!

Monday birthdays are hard with work, school, etc but we managed to make it a little special with fondue (steak, veggies, bread, fruit, cheese, chocolate) and even a "baby" cake. The cake here is SO GOOD. I cant believe it!

Then, it was presents:)  The kids got him the (typical) dad gift of new clothes/jacket. My sister gave him Costa Rican coffee, my parents took us out for dinner while they were here, I got him a wine making class that comes with a case of wine you make, but...the best gift of all was from the dog. The new Jack Reacher and Lee Child book. I cant wait until he finishes it:)

He had many many facebook greetings, phone calls, emails and virtual hugs. Thank you ALL for that. He loves hearing from all of you!

It was so fun to celebrate Tom and thank him for all he does for us. The kids said things like "I love Daddy because he's fun" "I love Daddy because hes nice to everyone" etc. Hope you know how much to love you Tom. You are really special and make our lives SO rich in experience, fun and thoughtfulness.

We love you!!

(I would be remiss if I didnt do a "shout out" to Wade and Rica - they all share the same day and we were able to Skype with Wade over the laptop. It was a gas. And, we facebooked with Rica, Happy Birthday and big hugs to you both!! )