Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football Update

We are at the halfway point of the season and Jimmy and the North York Grizzlies are playing their hearts out, their current mid-season record is 3 wins and  2 losses.

The August games were all away games with us dropping Jimmy off at he home stadium, he catches the bus with his team, which is awesome, and we meet up at the game. The whole team then gets back on the bus and we pick him up back at the stadium. This is a great way for players of Jimmy's enthusiasm and all in personality to decompress before taking all the angst out of the innocent family members. The 1st  loss came in week three to Scarborough, which was a 14 to 12 loss with the Grizzlies missing the point after with 20 seconds to go. In this league to encourage point after kicking, the point after is worth 2,not 1 and if you run or pass the ball for the point after it is only 1 point, great idea.

Thank god the September gaems have all been at home! 

Jimmy has been playing both middle linebacker and tight end, which he really loves. He is playing against boys that are 11-12 and some of them are twice his size, to which he reports, " Dad they may be big but their not strong. or quick". He also has been playing on a full size field with all the NFL rules in place and there is no weight limit as far as carrying the ball, which means there are no black striped kids. The entire game plan is centered around the offence and the defense is second, however the defense has only given up  30 points and is pretty darn good.
Jimmy has a great attitude and shows up to practice and the games ready to give his all. His new motto " There is no free ride in football". The boys have been practicing three days a week and are in every game. This week Jimmy was completely amped up and the Grizzlies beat Hampton Hills 37 to 0. Now this is the first season for Hampton and the kids have been playing for only 6 weeks, however it is nice to see that the kids played to their ability and did not get to cocky. Next week be warned we play the dreaded  team from,Burlington, winner in the past three years in AAA football.

The season goes through mid  October with the play-offs run through the end of October and the championship game is November 3rd, more to come and Go Grizzlies!!!