Saturday, September 08, 2012

1st week of school

As you can see, the Loud Americans were excited for the 1st day of school!

Jimmy is in Middle School at Willowdale and Grade 6. (long story about age cut offs by class which bascially puts him in 6th grade, skipping 5th grade. when we go back, he'll be go through 7th grade a 2nd time). its a small school of 450 kids and really small class sizes (16) LOVE IT! He's taking french and music/dance as well as singing.  All prerequisite  classes. We dropped him on the 1st day and all the grade 6 kids were in the cafeteria. He marched right in and sat down. Didnt seem bothered a bit that he didnt know a soul. He's made a few friends (Eli, Alexi and Joshua) that live in the neighborhood, but complains about recess at lunch "there is nothing to do". Cant say I blame him, I suspect its a bunch of kids trying to look cool while he just wants to play basketball or football. His other complain? "not enough toliet paper in the bathrooms". Other than that, we dont get much out of him other than he likes his school and is having a good time.

Kay and Billy are in Grade 4 & 2 respectively at Cameron. Another small school of K-5 3 blocks from our house. Class sizes are 18 to 20 and they have been riding their bikes to school every day. They think its SO COOL and it is:)  Kay has all the news/gossip of the school every night at dinner, who's a bully, who's in trouble, how lunch works, alloted playground time, etc. However, when we ask about friends, she says she doesnt have any (?!). Jimmy asked her, "well, does that bother you?" her reply? "not at all!" said with a smile on her face. Thats our Pook a rook.  I'm a little worried about her but she says she likes school and is actually getting more done since doesnt have anyone to chat with during class. Maybe its a blessing in disguise? So far, she loves science and math

Billy has 2-3 new friends; Lucas, Morgan and "I cant remember". He's having the time of his life and loves the reading time. Canada might be Billys time to shine:)

Friday night was their "reward" night for completing their math books over summer (yes, we make them do 5 pages of math every day in summer, brutal, I know). They chose dinner and a movie. The hard part? We made them agree on both.  Their choices? Korean Food and Napolean Dyanmite with tator tots instead of popcorn. It was a really fun night!

Our children are strange and we love it!