Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Star of the Week- Kay Marie Jeon Murphy

School is back in full gear and with it comes many of the Meadowbrook traditions - Star of The Week being a key one.

Kay spent the weekend digging through the cartons of memories she has stored throughout the house, attic, garage, basement, etc (you get the picture). She finally made her choices and adhered them to a large white board, practiced her presentation 2- 3 times and was ready to show the class.

The Star of the Week is a nice way for the kids to share their story with their classmates in a manner they are comfortable with and it is a nice way to spotlight each kid. Kay had a blast! She is doing very well in her reading and is working the spelling program quite hard. She has begun gymnastics and is going to attend Cheer America and learn to be a cheer leader, God help us.

Tom joined Kay at school on the BIG reveal day and took her to lunch in the cafeteria. Luckily being 8 means that you arent too embarrased by your parents (yet) and she was happy to show him off to her friends.

Way to go Kay you are always a star in our eyes!