Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Annual 49th Birthday TOM!!!

Tom celebrated in style last weekend his 3rd annual 49th birthday. (I'll let you do the math:))

It started with a "Hangover III" trip to Dallas Tx with his high school buddies. Long story short, the consumate bachelor (Tom H) in the group got married earlier in the year and this was a weekend to celebrate. The guys traveled down, sans their wifes, for a party weekend. Typical of men "of a certain age", they overestimated their ability to have fun without their significant others. While a good time was had by all, the common theme seemed to be "we should have brought our wifes!". It seems there were stories, beer, dancing, beer, practical jokes, beer and a really good time by all. I think its a successful weekend when you are considering staying and extra day to get over your hangover:) Congratulations Tom and Susan, all the best!

Tom managed to make it home alive and un-hungover on Saturday, just in time for our date night out with his birthday buddy. Yes, Wade and Tom share a birthday! In our annual style, we headed out for a good dinner, wine, talk and dessert. We were dying to try Sea Salt and it did not disappoint. Its an open air seafood restaruant right at the top of Minnehaha Falls. It was a gorgeous fall night and there was even an acostic guitar/singer. Perfect! We then felt VERY cosmopolitan and took the light rail downtown for dessert/wine at Ike's. You GOTTA love a place that serves a 7 layer chocolate/chocolate cake. YUM! And, I hear they have a killer brunch and bloody mary. Do I hear next year calling already? We took no risks and cabbed it home. The kids were actually asleep that was probably the best present of all:)

Sunday morning was present opening and cupcakes with the kids. Tom is now newly outfitted with a new summer wardrobe, just in time for fall:) AND, he's got a Target gift card burning a hole in his pocket for the new Lee Child book.

Many, many of you made Tom's birthday really special with your calls, emails and Facebook posts. They came from all over the world and I KNOW he loved connecting with each of you in his own way. Thanks for being such an important part of his and our lives!

Tom, a birthday message to you...Thank you for all you do for us as a family, as a Dad, as a friend, as a partner, as a board member, as a volunteer, as a backup parent to the neighbor kids and football/basketball/baseball team kids and for.....well, just EVERYTHING! You are incredibly special and make so many peoples lives richer because of who you are. We love you. I love you! SMOOCH!!