Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football Wrap-Up

The boy's took the field for their final game this past weekend against the dreaded team from Wayzata. The boy's could not get the past out of the heads and true to beliefs that they have never beat Wayzata, the trend continued.

This game however had a very different outcome, which was very heartwarming and made us all proud to be parents. The boys played their hearts out and at the end of the first half we Hopkins was trailing by 18 to 0. The boys had done a great job and did not allow Wayzata any extra points. The second half Hopkins only allowed one touchdown and instead of giving up they played their best all the way to the end. The game ended with Hopkins running an 65 yard sweep and they were tackled on the 3 yard line when time ran out.

At this point things changed, the boys from Hopkins lined up as usual to congratulate the other team, the parents lined up as usual and created a tunnel for the boys to run through, which after a defeat is not a real happy and energetic affair, not this time. The boys all rang through yelling at the top of their lungs, WHO! WHO! WHO! The chant continued, HOPKINS,HOPKINS, HOPKINS, 123 GO BLUE CRUSH, Jimmy leading the way. The celebration on our side of the field would lead people to believe we had just won the Super Bowl. Looking across the field towards the Wayzata team they were standing there looking bewildered and wondering which team had really won the game!

The team gathered at our house for the year end celebration, hot dogs, cake, ice cream and of course football. The team had a great year learning many new aspects of team sports and perhaps the biggest and most important item, sportsmanship. They did a great job with every victory and with every loss, which is the harder of the two to keep your spirits up. The coaches, John, Doug and Dave all did a great job teaching our kids and keeping the focused on having fun and we thank them for all their hard work.
The coaches handed out Trophy's for all the boys and acknowledged each individual for the efforts and contributions, and the boy's were all smiles.

In the course of the pick up game in our back yard a new football phenomenon was found as a small,, quick, running back an a great tackler and her name is Kay, YIKES!!