Monday, October 24, 2011

MEA, Garrison and Clearwater lake

Last weekend was MEA, for those of you non-Minnesotans, its a 2 day holiday from school for the kids while the teachers go to continuing education. Now, most of the teachers I know also had the days off, so I'm not sure how that works, but in Minnesota tradition, everyone takes off, Our destination? Clearwater lake for some perch fishing with the Millers. Tom found a cool old cabin on Vacation and we were off.

The weather was gorgeous, low 60's sunny, trees were just past the prime colors but wonderful none the less. Ang and I were loaded down with People, US Weekly and other fashion magazines. Tom, Wade and the kids had life vests and fishing poles. There was even a rumor that Paul Bunyon Land was still open (not true). We all had snack food and drinks:)

The cabin itself was your typical mid '70's structure, 2 tone green shag carpeting, a loft area that slept 8 kids and a double spiral staircase. They were also outfitted with ALL the best movies (Groundhogs Day, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Young Frankenstien...) we could have stayed for weeks!

The crew set off for fishing and the 1st day it looked promising, they pulled in 3 perch! We lit a bonfire and threw stones into the lake. Saturday was equally gorgeous and Kay & Caden were up at the crack of dawn, ready to go fishing. They actually had to wake Tom up, it was pretty cute. But, to no avail, the fish stopped biting.

We needed to have an alternative plan so we went in search of Paul Bunyan Land. It seems that we drove right past it without realizing it (what does that say about it as an attraction) and then learned it was closed. No worriess, Mini Golf was calling. Billy got a hole in 1 and won a free round of golf. The kids all got gift bags and Wyatt even had a blast.

Jimmy self regulated and determined that he was "out" for golf. He's too competitive and gets too upset so he and I headed off to the mall in Brainerd. I figured we'd just stroll around, but no... he found a new pair of basketball shoes, he just HAD to have. They were on sale and I even sprung for yellow laces. He is WAY too cool for school. He asked if he could sleep with them (not on, just cuddling them) and kept asking "do you want to touch them? Arent they cool? Smell them, they smell so fresh!". He's pretty damn funny. Now, we just need to wait 2 weeks for basketball to start.
More food, drinks, playing, movies, books, magazines, etc and it was Sunday before we knew it. We woke to drizzling rain and a great excuse to stay in and relax. Tom, Wade, Kay and Caden had the excitement of the day when moving the boat back to the trailer, it almost started on fire and the trailer had a flat. No worries, the handymen fixed it and we were off (again).

We drove home listening to the Packer/Viking game on the radio and planning our next long weekend away (Presidents Day ski/tubing adventure anyone?). The Vikings played a tough game, but the better team prevailed. Jimmy handled it well and Christian Ponder sure has everyone here excited. Football in MN is back.

Go Pack!