Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kay Update

Kay has been spending the winter studying up a storm, so much so, that when grades came out last week we were blown away. Kay had changed several marks this report card and posted all A's, yep major good work Kay!

Along with school she has been concentrating on her gymnastics and in the test last week she again jumped a level, that is her third jump this year, IMPRESSIVE!

Kay continues to sharpen her pack rat skills, much to the chagrin of her Mom and Dad, and she maintains inventory control like now one else. If we can not find something all we need to say is ' Kay do you know where... is?' and she gives the precise location. Barbie, Paula Dean and Taylor Swift continue as role models and the oven is getting a serious work out.

This just in, literally. Kay lost another tooth. While getting ready for bed and brushing her teeth, out it came. " Mom , Dad I lost my tooth". A picture is worth a million words!

Last but not least, last Saturday, Kay decided that she was going to learn to ride her bike without training wheels, the video below tells it all! (A major motiviation was learning to do this before her younger -but not so much littler brother- Billy).

Way to go Kay we love you and are very Proud of all you do!