Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Billy Update

Bill has been keeping himself quite busy lately, I mean with school gymnastics, reading, trips to the Library and swimming lessons. Hard to find time to sit down and talk with the ol' kindergartner but I caught up with Bill during a down moment in between Zoobumafoo and Sponge Bob and being a squirrel monkey:

Bill takes swimming lessons on Monday morning however not being able to completely read yet and having no appointment book Bill needs to consult periodically which goes something like this;

"Dad do I have swimming on this day?" "Yes Bill you do", " How do you know Dad", " Because it is Monday Bill", "Oh, thanks for telling me Dad,now let's go". He has improved steadily throughout and will move from 201 to 401 next month! 2 whole levels! We are still hoping he'll wnat to join the swim team:)

Bill can also be found on Thursday morning at the gymnastics center doing round offs into cartwheels into the wall. He is getting pretty good and loves the trampoline and the balance beam. He has his friend Jordan in class and the 2 of them are a bundle of energy. He tends to turn most of what he learns at gymnastics into break dancing moves at home. He will be performing at the end of the year program, along with the rest of his class, dates and time to be announced! Should be entertaining in more than one way.

Two or three times a week Bill hits the Library. He must have the busiest Library card of any 6 year old as he checks out 6-10 books every time along with a couple of DVDs. Bill's taste run towards fast moving automobiles and space adventures in his books and for the video portion of his selections he learns towards bugs, specifically pond relate slugs, turtles and the like, he is a 6 year old boy! He loves the pbs computer games and is a pro at the self check out.

Bill has made several new friends this year in class and is finally starting to get some play dates of his own, which are fun. He and his friends tend toward the same activities, Lego's and hot wheels, awesome. Bill has been doing a great deal of reading and brings home " books" to read to Mom and Dad. He also is a good count-er and just the other night he asked " Dad can I have some frozen peas?" (As a side note our kids have somehow been tricked into believing frozen peas are the worlds greatest snack). So in response to Bill we said "sure!" and handed him a bowl. About 10 minutes later he handed us the empty bowl and exclaimed " There were 160 peas in that bowl", "How do you know that Billy?" "I kept count"

I asked Bill " So what's next" He looked at me with determination in his eyes and stated " I need to loose these training wheels!" especially now that Kay is riding without!! Look out world!!

We are proud of you Billy and we love you!