Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Jimmy!

Mr. Davis, Jimmy's second grade teacher and the parking lot heavy, pulled me aside the other day to inquire" Kay says there is a Korean celebration tonight at your house, what is the celebration?" I replied "Gotcha day!" Mr. Davis, being in charge of the parking lot, can do a mean deer in the headlight look, so I explained "Gotcha Day is a celebration we do for the kids celebrating the day we brought each of them home from Korea" to which he replied " Gotcha", with a big smile.

(Photo of Jimmy at his 1st Cmas with us:))

So it is hard to believe our 'little' Jimmy came home 9 years ago and has not stop growing, eating, talking and providing us love, joy and happiness everyday. His inquisitive mind is swirling with questions, insight and observation and his heart is full, of determination, commitment and care for his friends and love for his family.

Jimmy is just beginning his first baseball season, finishing up this years Boy Scouts, taking the Minnesota Comprehensive Exams at school and building wrestling rings in our front yard. He used some old boxes, bungee cords and tent poles.... watch out WWE. He stated that this is a proto type, he is planning on talking his parents out of one of the mattresses in the house for the mat and using our best towels for turn buckles....

Once again, this year we met Hayden and his family for our traditional celebration, as many of you know Hayden and Jimmy came home together, at Broadway pizza. Jimmy and Hayden continue to be great friends and it appears each year Jimmy is twice as tall as Hayden.

We had a cake, of course made and decorated by Kay, watched videos of Jimmy as a baby and after seeing himself, as a round mound of sound, he laughed, "Hey, look that's me, I was big". The time does fly and the kids grow and change but the one constant is the love and smiles they give us everyday!

Happy Gotcha Day to Jimmy, and kids everywhere! We love you!