Tuesday, March 08, 2011

GO Mommy Go

It comes as no real surprise knowing the hard work, dedication and awesomeness of Tracy that she has again been promoted! This time around there was no lengthy interview process, just one meeting and Tracy is now: Director, Merchandising and Merchandise Planning, (MMP), Business Process, Canada.
So for those of you not in the know, her company recently acquired the lease option on 250 stores in Canada, and plans to convert 100-150 of these stores to 'the brand' and Tracy will be working with the supply chain group to help accomplish this task. To answer the $10,000 question 'will we move to Canada?' the answer is ....that it is part of the job but when, and for how long remain to be seen.
The kids took great pride in their Mom, as did I. We sprang into action to create a 'Congratulations' theme in our kitchen. Kay, the most enthusiastic party planner of the bunch, decided she needed to make a cake, not just any cake but 'a special cake just for Mommy'. She had to mix it and then to my horror (well maybe that is a strong word, perhaps fear is better) she announced that she would decorate the cake in her room so Mom would not see it. She wanted to make her own frosting complete with using small plastic bags to mix food coloring into the frosting to write with and a special can of frosting to make the "corner's"... you get the picture.

The boys helped Kay with the streamers and banners, Sandy helped Kay with the frosting. We ALL got out of Kay's way when she made the 'present corner' and finally the garage door went up and we all got to our places as the star walked into the kitchen - rounds of applause rang out for Tracy!!! The dinner was planned ahead of time (shrimp boil), however in the planning process the newly appointed Director declared the dinner a 'no manners' dinner! The kids ever vigilant of trick questions began a frenzy of carefully asked questions,'Really Mom? Can we burp? Yes, Can we eat with our hands? Yes' and the citadel of all " Can we fart?" We'll leave that up to your own imagination.....

The dinner was a gas, pun intended, the kids asked a ton of questions. It was great for Sandy to be there to celebrate as she and Tracy have worked together forever. But mostly it was fun to acknowledge Tracy, tell her how much we love her and how proud of her we all are. She works hard and deserves to be acknowledged " GO MOMMY GO!!!"