Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vikings Kids Combine

This winter I decided to pick 1 day and have a date day with each of the kids. Lunch and then their choice of activities. Kay picked Chili's and shopping at the Mall of America. Billy picked McDonalds and the Lego exhibit at the Childrens Museum and last weekend as Jimmy's turn. His choices? KFC and the Mini Vikings Combine Boot Camp. I was skeptical but promised not to wear my green & gold (in fact, I even did sport a purple sweater but the VIkings ball cap was a bit too much to ask). Needless to say, I was mightily impressed. It was a 2 1/2 hour affair included 8 stations, Viktor the Viking, cheerleaders and even Chuck Foreman. They did a great job with the event and the kids had a blast. Jimmy talked non-stop and couldnt stop moving he was so excited. Afterward, he said "thanks Mom, this was the best day of my life". You cant ask for much more than that! Check out the photos Saving this photo for 50 years from now when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame himself:)
Meeting Chuck Foreman, purple people eater. Jimmy started talking to him about a random football play. Seems a rookie returned a punt return inside the 10 yd line for a touchdown and while the team was celebrating Bud Grant pulled him aside and said "Never do that again or you wont amke another play on my team. We dont return punt returns inside the 10". Needless to say, Jimmy had all the names, dates and data right. Chuck looked at him and said "How old are you?"


"What Grade?"


"wow, I'm impressed, I've never met a 9 yr old that knows so much about football" As Jimmy later said, "Chuck had a face of disbelief on how much I know about the game".

Jimmy's BFF Ben was also there and they got their photo with Viktor

Viktor was a key contributor to Jimmy's mascot project so we brought him a photo of Jimmy in front of his project along with a thank you note for helping.

Touch down reception and celebration. Quarterpack pass test, and press box experience all below. We also got a tour of the locker room, gym and cafeteria. Brett Favres locker is cleaned out, they have a glassed in tribute locker to Corey Stringer and Andrean Peterson has 2 lockers. All very impressive to a 9 yr old fan.