Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week in Review

Sports Update:

With a final rebound at the buzzer Jimmy and the Wildcats ended their historic basketball season 6 and 2! Coach Milstein was heard to say : "Keep at it Boy's"

This season was full of excitement, tense moments and great highlights, who knew third grade basketball could produce weight loss and clammy hands.The boys loved to play for Coach Milstein and from their humble beginnings the boy's learned basketball and to the shock of the parents they even had 5 different plays, which the executed without fail.The team has two losses: one by only 2 points, which hardly counts as a loss and the one 15 point spread is not a game that gets a lot of mention.Check Spelling Jimmy loved Coach Milstein's direct approach and how hard he was on the boy's, never letting up and always challenging. The coach rubbed off on the other kids as well and when I mentioned to Kay that Bernie may be coming to this years St. Patrick's Parade she stated " Well I hope he is not hard on anybody!"

Coach Milstein had this to say to the boys:

This recognizes your completion and competency, & achievement of the Wildcats 2011 coaching and Basketball season. And the Bernie Milstein, coaching Basketball Boot Camp. We have tried to coach you basketball skills and fundamentals, and a desire to have a winning attitude.!

Practice your skills, develop new skills, and become more proficient at what you do, and play with purpose and focus! Play with confidence, be aggressive, do your BEST in LIFE and in playing your sports! Always, do your best effort! Don't be a goof off. Love the game you live, and play, and you'll have success and fun in LIFE & SPORTS!

Gretchen Turns 21!

Tom's college roommate, Kay's Godfather and our good friend Mike's daughter Gretchen turn 21. About 10 years ago while sitting in a goose blind with Tom and Mike, Gretchen asked them both of them if they would come to her 21st birthday, which they responded 'sure!'.

That conversation was brought to their attention a couple of weeks ago and being the guy's they are Tom and Mike left town late Saturday night and drove to Stevens Point Wisconsin to arrive at Midnight to be there for Gretchen's 21st! We took Gretchen, and her boy friend to the local watering hole where the bouncer checked her id and asked her " We have a policy that on your 21st you can drink free all day. Do you want to come in the morning or do you want your free glass now, remember we are only open until 2:00?'' To which Gretchen replied " I am here now" so off she went.

The night or at this point morning could not end without a trip to the local Perkins for a little post bar feast! Happy 21st to Gretchen and I am glad I made no such promise to any of Mike's other kids!!