Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stars of the Week

The past week or so has been full of shining stars!

First star up is Billy! He was the star of the week in his Kindergarten class, which meant he brought to school several Lego Creations, photos, books and several other "keepsakes" Bill has been collecting. He spent the week as the center of attention and even had his Dad come to school and read his favorite books! To say Bill has a favorite would not really do justice to his love of books. The kid goes to the library about once a week and checks out about a dozen books brings them home and make anyone who is around read to him. He is very close to reading himself and when that happens we will never see Bill again. A few highlights of Billy - he likes:legos, hot wheels, black olives, brocoli, green beans, gymnastics and swimming.

It is hard to believe that Nikki came home 2 years ago but alas it was Nikki's Gotcha Day. She was well taken care of by the kids but Kay especially was attentive to Nikki's needs. So much so she spent a couple of hours searching the Internet for dogie cake recipes, I kid you not. After relentlessly looking she came up with a recipe, and thank God we had all the ingredients and made a bundt cake for Nikki. Nikki for her part torn into the cake with gusto and looked at Kay like she was some kind of cake god or something. Nikki has settled into her role as pillow, make up practice doll, friend and companion.

The next star of the week rose above Kay. She made her Star of the Week poster showcasing her artistic skills while also featuring her stubbornness about rules thus coloring outside of the lines. A few highlights of her poster: tochuring my brothers, cooking, gymnastics, korean food, the color green and Nikki. Then Kay brought the poster, her Hanbok, gymnastic trophy and several other items to create her Star of the Week corner at school (we had to talk her out of bringing a suitcase with 1/2 her room). This year the "Star" was given the option of reading one of their favorite books to the class and Kay chose BI BIM BOP, a the story of a young girl and her love of rice. really the story is about how to make this Korean recipe which is a rice dish. Kay's teacher pulled me aside on Friday, after she Kay read the story, and told me Kay was very confident and handled the story and question and answer session with ease.

Jimmy finally did his Mascot presentation. For those of you who havent heard the mascot saga, it goes basically as... In November they had to sign a contract on a personal research project. It had to be something they could present to class and couldnt be anything they already knew something about (and absolutely NO written reports). The research project needs to be completed by 3/18 and needless to say, months for a 3rd grader is a really long time to keep sustained interest. He chose mascots and began his research with gusto. The issue, once he learned everything he wanted to know, he promptly lost interest in his project and didnt want to present. It took quite a bit of cajoling but he finally put together a jeopardy game about mascots (5 categories, about ... being.. crunch...viktor the viking and goldie). He presented this week at school and it was a wild success. Whew! I'm glad my (I mean Jimmy's) mascot project is over!