Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sports Update

Basketball is in full swing here and Jimmy and the Wildcats ( get your head in the game) are off and running. To quote Jimmy "Dad never before in my life has any team started off 2 and 0!".

The third graders were in for a rude awakening that cold January evening when they wandered into Davis Gymnasium to meet their new coach - Bernie. Jimmy was upset that Dad was not coaching again this year and did not want to play for someone he did not know. By the end of the first practice Coach Bernie had the boys towing the line and following basketball protocol to the point that Jimmy said " Dad Bernie is great- he really pushes us, it is awesome, last year the coach was way to easy on us", Hey... that was me!

Practice and enthusiasm have payed off and the Wildcats are 2-0, while it has not been pretty, a win is a win. Jimmy and his team mates have racked up 64 points on offense and only allowed 39 points on defense. This past Saturday it was a real nail bitter with the Wildcats pulling out in the last 10 seconds winning 32-31 crazy. All parents were nervous wrecks - what the heck are we going to be like in high school?!

Here is the last 3 minutes of the game - you will need to watch both videos to see the ending!:
(small technical issue - give us a few days to sort out and check back for the highlights:))

In other exciting sporting news - GO PACK!! Big hugs to all my packer fan compariots and my condolensces to the "other" team:)