Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre Valentines from Kay or otherwise known as passive agressive Valentines

Kay decided the other day that we all needed to have a Valentines card, homemade from Kay. She also made special containers and filled them with the candy that she had hidden in several crevices around the house (many of which had been hidden for AGES! I think I recognized some Easter candy in the mix).

Here is what the cards said:
Dear Jimmy you are a nice brother.
I know he be's mean sometimes but that doesn't mean I don't love him. But I also like playing football with him and wrestling.
Love; Billy for Jimmy

Dear Billy I think sometimes I call you Bunku but I still love you.
Love :Kay
For: Billy

Dear Mom and Dad: Even though you sometimes yell at me I still love you
Love Kay
For: Mom and Dad

She created separate card for Mom and Dad that each said we are a nice Mom and a nice Dad, however the cards were addressed to Tom and Tracy.

The other day Kay came home from school obsessed with having marshmellows to the point that she was completely crazy. Now giving the kids marshmallows is not a big deal however, we did not have any which completely drove her over the top. She then put herself on a time out and came off her time out and slipped this card onto my lap:

Sorry Dad,
Dear Dad, I am sorry can you forgive me I hope you can. Love Kay
ps: I love you I am sorry about the marshmallows thing.

Kay is very much her own guiding light.

Thank god she loves us inspite of our faults. We love her too:)