Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Kay!

The middle child laid claim to our hearts 7 years ago and we are blessed everyday to have Kay as our daughter. She is growing up way to fast and continues to find creative ways to express herself.

In the past year Kay has learned to read, addition and subtraction and has become obsessed with cooking shows, three of these are normal aspects of a 6-7 year old but cooking shows? She does not watch just any cooking show, not our Kay, she watches Southern cooking shows, lard, butter and cream, "now that is what I am talking about", Kay October 2010.

This year we began celebrating Kay's special day while en route to Tammy and Jeff's for Thanksgiving, more on that later. Now for those of you who know Kay know about her somewhat trying issue when making a decision and the decision between cake and cupcakes for the Gotcha Day party was no exception. The discussion began somewhere around Madison and continued into the evening. Kay awoke somewhere around Portage, Indiana with a decision no nearer in sight. Time was running out, Kay was getting nervous and finally around South Haven, Michigan she blurted out " Mommy, I want a cake !" and then "do they have a dairy queen?". Having settled on the cake issue we were able to reach Grand Haven and meet Grandma and Grandpa Hickey for lunch. We offered Kay the lunch choice and having exhausted her indecision making, right off the bat she proclaimed " I want Wendy's", really, well Wendy's it was.

That evening we had cake and raised a toast to our Kay. She is continuing to touch our hearts with her strong personality and determination. She is a joy and when she smiles she lights up the room. Kay we love you and we give thanks for you choosing us, and we are blessed that you are here! and...lets not forget all the people that made it possible for Kay to be in our family. Her birthday mommy & daddy, her foster parents (& foster grandma!) and all the social workers & doctors. We are so thankful to you and wish you all the peace and happiness that you can endure:)