Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Billy - You have come a long way Baby

As the saying goes. With Jim into football and Kay into gymnastics our Bill has become quite the basketball player and gymnast.

Billy started fall basketball warm-up the past few weeks and has really got into it. So much so that he had a couple of time outs issued by Coach Ron. The lads enthusiasm got the best of him. Bill was in a group of 18 5-6 year old boys, Coach Ron and the crew need to be awarded medals for dealing with the energy. The kids were awarded a medal for completing the basketball camp, now off to regular season, YIKES! (its a bit like watching squirrel play basketball) fun but crazy!

Bill has also started to come into his own in school and recently we had a pumpkin carving event where Dad was invited into class to help out. Bill, Ally and Cole helped create a fine pumpkin. Billy counted the seeds and we had 181, good counting Bill.

Speaking of school, Billy has been doing great in counting, identifying letters & sounds and loves coloring and having stories read to him. He is making great progress and like basketball his enthusiasm for school and his classmates has lead Mrs. Houston to place Billy on a time out or two, no matter Bill is doing great. She said he's very bright and curious and not at all shy (did we mention he's a squirrel, a very loving, hugging, touching, squirrel - other kids? not so much)

Bill is still fascinated by cars, trucks and Lego's. He will spend hours making Lego 'celations' and his imagination know no limits! Billy's close second to cars are pets and he and his pal Nikki spend a great deal of time together. Oh... Billy's third (if he had to pick) is Apple Juice in a sippy cup. Billy has to make decisions about "having apple juice now and when I go to bed?" Given the choice when I go to bed usually wins out. I think the kid drinks 6-8 cups of the stuff a day.

Way to go Bill keep up the great work, we love you!!