Saturday, November 13, 2010

Game On !

Sunday mornings on Fox TV my friend has a talk show called Game On and it airs at 10:30 here in Minneapolis. This week Pat Williams, of the Vikings, is the featured guest and one of Jimmy and Ben's favorite players. I was able to get passes to watch the show as it was being taped and took Jimmy and Ben.

The boys got their picture with Pat and were able to talk football with him as well. Jimmy and Ben were in awe and could not believe their own eyes. The boys could not sit still and kept saying" this is the best day of my life", over and over again.

The vikings have a great player and person in Mr. Williams as he patiently signed one thing after another for the boys, Footballs, Vikings Jersey's, decals, magnets, foam finger, pendants and finally Jimmy's viking pillow case! Jimmy woke up the next morning and said "Hey Dad" last night I slept on Pat Williams signature isn't that cool! I calmly asked him if he wanted to watch the movie Rudy to which he gave me a weird look and turned on his PSP.

Thanks to Rod and the crew of Game on for making the day a high light for these two raising football stars.