Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Billy Looses a tooth and then another one

Yes Bill has finally made the transition into the infamous 'I Lost a Tooth Club' and he went into it tugging with all his might.

I may have mentioned in an earlier post (around the time Jimmy lost his first tooth) but... I find it crazy that kids are so into having a hole in their mouth that drips blood and everyone sees this and say's " Way to go you lost a tooth!" I mean, the kid did not 'lose' a tooth, they know exactly where it is. It is firmly in the child's hand in what is commonly known as " the death grip" until Mom or Dad get a plastic sandwich size bag in which the tooth is then placed. Then the young child (who is usually not at the age where he or she can write) enlists the help of an older sibling (whom, out of nowhere, is on a first name basis with the tooth fairy) who helps write a note and (here's where the magic comes in...) knows exactly what to say to ensure the greatest payoff for the tooth. Lost tooth, not... ATM yes!
As an interesting aside, Billy is our 1st child that has shark teeth. Yep, he is experiencing the shark teeth phenominon, his new teeth grew in before he lost his old teeth, creating 2 rows of teeth on his bottom gum. Weird.

Billy spent a great deal of time whilst we were in route to Thanksgiving with one hand firmly on the tooth and the other clutching his blanket over his head so we could not see his method for removal. Several hours of pulling (and chatting, encouragement, advice and reliving horror stories of lost teeth by his siblings) left Bill tired so he had a small nap. He was back at it again the next day with this cousins and this time he was rewarded with a tooth!

The very next day he announced that he had yet another loose tooth and upon inspection by the tooth authorities (namely Jimmy and Kay) it was pronounced indeed true and the tugging began in earnest (again). Knowing that Thanksgiving may be impeded with a loose tooth, panic set in.

Now, neither Tracy nor I were around when the following incident was reported by a reliable jail house snitch. It is reported that brother Jimmy (whom insists he was trying to help), somehow, got is right elbow caught in Billy's mouth in the exact same spot as the previously mentioned loose tooth. This caused said tooth to let go of it's grip on Bill's gum and tumble out into Jimmy's hand to which he replied " here ya go Bill, good job!" I ask you, what are older brothers for if not assistance in losing teeth!?!

A video says a thousand words!