Monday, October 04, 2010

Kays 'Best Day EVER!'

Last night, as Kay was getting tucked in, she exclaimed "today was the BEST DAY EVER!". Now, considering some of the amazing things Kay has done/experienced, that is saying a lot. So, what made yesterday so Kay Wonderful? here's a run down....

Breakfast - Kay talks Mommy into creating breakfast into a "sea" theme. Hot dog cut like an octopus that is swimming in pasta "shells" with veggies that are the fish

Mid Morning - helping Daddy tear down the garden, pick up sticks, bundle them in big piles, rake under the trees and basically get dirty

Lunch -more veggies and grilled cheese with mango juice out on the deck at the picnic table

Afternoon - birthday party at the MN Zoo for Caden. It was another "Under the Sea" theme. They got to play BINGO, decorate a fish craft, learn about and pretend they were dolphins, eat cupcakes and have juice boxes

Late Afternoon - read Billy 2 books (he had to have 3 books read to him as homework and she gladly stepped in), accost Carrie (neighbor across the street) while working in the garden to help her pull horseradish, pluck eggplant and plant tulips. Looked up a recipe for homemade horseradish, rode bikes, baked brownies and (finally) took a long bath

Dinner - chalupas in a hard shell taco (her ALL time favorite she declared)

Family TV - the finale of Americas got Talent

Really, whats not to love. Pretty simple stuff for all of us - helping out, getting dirty, being creative, being in charge (aka bossing people around), learning something new, watching/experience real talent, eating great food ....

Isnt that the perfect day for all of us?!

Kay - you are too cute and wonderful. We love you!