Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sue cheers on Jimmy's last game

It is hard to believe the 3rd grade football season has drawn to an end. It was quite amazing to watch over the 8 weeks as these boys poured their hearts and souls into their team.
The season started with complaining about teammates and positions. The season ended with theses boys coming together to become Hopkins Blue Crush finishing 4-3-1 and compared to the 3rd grade team of last season which ended 0-8. Tracy and I, along with 19 other sets of parents, are nothing but proud of these boys and this team. Watch this video if you need more proof:

The final game was a combined effort and on the receiving end was St. Louis Park, final score Blue Crush 34 St. Louis Park 6 - look out next year!. Jimmy got a couple of tackles, a sack and grabbed the running back by his shirt sleeve and threw him to the ground, nothing but steak and potatoes for our boy!
Sue could not believe the determination and team work the boys showed. She kept saying "I have been to a lot of grade school games where kids are not really aware of the score or who's ball it is and Jimmy's team was awesome"!.

Side note: Kay will not give Jimmy the spotlight for more than a couple of minutes and as we were congratulating him on the season she came out dressed as th Wicked Witch of the East, you know the one that the house dropped on! (she has the hat, dress, socks and ruby slippers - its the whole 9 yards)

Jimmy was given the award for most team spirit and being the kid that REALLY does not like to lose. As a first time football parent and for the most part first time football participant, I am impressed and proud of our son Jimmy. He gave his all on every play in every game, cried when he won and balled when he lost. His devotion and dedication is something we all can learn from.

We will forever remember Jimmy's first year in football and we look forward to many more.
To get his team mates ready for the games Jimmy invented the cheer in the video at the beginning of the blog and here is one of his last plays of this year:

It is important to note that Jimmy's cousin Ben was the person who first got Jimmy into football and now the two of them are on the same team and the same squad, Jimmy plays on the line and Ben plays as QB and the two of together are priceless.

Thanks for a great season and GO BLUE CRUSH!