Monday, September 27, 2010

Tom and the big 5-0

Yep, that's right...Tom turned 50 this past weekend. YIKES! We spent the weekend celebrating his 1st 50 years and sending him good wishes for the next 50:)

We had an action packed weekend. Of course, coming into this big event was the no party? travel? how do you celebrate? We opted for a # of small dinners with family friends (that is, our close friends that our whole family - kids and all -are friends with). Also interspersed in the plan? football and more football:)
Friday night was a family sleep over at Wade/Angelas. In true "the world" is small mode, it just so happens that Tom & Wade share a birthday. To make it even more auspicious, their foreign exchange student, Rica-from Germany, also shares the same big day. so, we celebrated a 17, 38 and 50th with fillet Mignon, crab legs, salad and asparagus (and CAKE!) Rica asked 'what can I do at 17 in the U.S. that I couldnt do at 16?' both thing was disappointed when the only thing we could think of was go to an R rated movie "legally". It was a super fun, relaxing kick off to the weekend and included gifts of beer & wine making kits for all (well all except Rica):)

Sat was Jimmy's 3rd football game and they WON! Jimmy was a monster out there, he was finally "up against" someone his own size and he held his own. Its even more fun that they won and they were short 4 guys. Uncle Pat even showed up and that was a big treat for everyone!

Saturday night was "date night". I told Tom I wanted him to myself and we were going to hit this awesome new foodie restaurant Travail. Little did he know that I had Mike & Libby planted in the restaurant as a surprise. It was amazing. We did a 10 course tasting menu, dinner lasted hours and each dish was better than the last. Travail is a cool concept. They cook whatever shows up from the co-op that day, the decor is local tavern and they dont have waitresses, just the 7 cooks. They greet you and then serve you the dish they made. Every day the menu changes and its definitely a labor of love. The best food I have had out in a long long time.

Sunday Tom took Jimmy to his 1st regular season Vikings game and while it wasnt pretty, the Vikes did win. They had seats in the end zone, 4 rows from the top of the dome and Jimmy thought he was in HEAVEN! They drank soda and ate junk food and basically had a grand old time. This was followed by the HFL (Hopkins Football League) family fund raiser and tug of war. Jimmy and Ben (who was pulling with 1 arm since he broke his other arm in playground football at school) were undefeated against 2 able bodied kids. Not only did the win, Jimmy & Ben literally tipped the other team over. We have a video.

Sunday night we ended the weekend at the Childrens Home Society and Family Services winemakers dinner and fund raising gala. This is a dress up affair with live, silent and pseudo silent auctions. We double dated with Jeff & Karen but ended up reconnected with other friends during the night as well. Of course dinner was steak, shrimp and chocolate cake (and another reason to sing Happy Birthday to Tom:)).

In between all of this, Kay had 2 birthday parties, Billy had a monster playdate with Cole and we managed to fit in a flooded basement and a few workouts to work off all the yummy food.

The voicemails, emails, texts, hugs (both live and virtual) from all of you from around the world were awe inspiring, THANK YOU! Its so great to know that Tom is loved by so many for the same reason we love him - he's kind, engaged, helpful, funny, and the glue that keeps us together.

If this weekend is an indication of Tom's next 50 years, lets get the party started!!

We love you - I love you!