Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Football Update

The 2010 season is drawing to a close. The Hopkins 3rd grade Team Blue Crush has been playing their hearts out and have been coming up empty handed. The record is now4 and 3.

Jimmy has been driving off the line and creating holes for Ja'Corrian and the team has been running into opposition with as much heart as Blue Crush. The battle on the field as always intense and the commitment of the players is awesome. Blue Crush lost a tough battle against Minnetonka losing 35 to 30. This Minnetonka team is the best of the 6 teams fielded by the Skippers this season and the Skippers Coach was quoted as saying " The Hopkins team is the only to team score on us this year" and " Blue Crush was one play away for handing us our first loss"

Blue Crush came off the tough loss to face the first of two St. Louis Park teams. This past Saturday as the team gathered on the home turf to do battle there was one addition normally not needed in October football in Minnesota, sunscreen. Game time temperature of near 80 degrees! The boys were soaking wet in sweat by the end.

The first half was a defensive battle, Jimmy put two tackles into the records books, one a finger tackle and one a shoestring tackle. He literally had the running back by the finger and pulled him downed, followed by getting his hand on another kids shoestring and bringing him down. It is not pretty but a stat is a stat. Halftime Hopkins 6 Cardinals 7.

The Crush came out strong in the third quarter however the cardinals scored late in the quarter and Blue Crush held them at the line for no extra point score Hopkins 6 Cardinals 13.

No matter to the spirited Hopkins lads as they took control late in the game. Under 2 minuets remaining Jimmy and the Crush Squad took the field. Jimmy laid open a hole for "J" Ben handed off the ball and "J" was gone for a 45 yard run. The ball was on the 5 yard line with first and goal for Hopkins. Three plays later it was 3rd and 25. The tension was thick as Jimmy (now over center) squares up, points his finger to the zone and hikes the Ball to Ben. Ben once again finds his favorite offensive weapon " J" and hand offs the ball. "J" busts through the line following Jimmy who puts an open field hit on the line backer creating and wide open end zone , TOUCHDOWN HOPKINS!

The lads line up with 10 seconds on the clock, controversy from the sidelines - pass for 2 points and the win or run for 1 and the tie? The team lines up again with Jimmy over center, Ben has been moved to left guard, James is on right, Mike is now QB. The hike is made the Cardinals come off fast sweep around James and grab Mike around the shoulders and bring him down - no point, wait.... our savior the yellow flag makes an appearance. Horse collar repeat the down.

The line is set and this time - one gets past the boys, Mike fakes right and goes left into the end zone.... point for Hopkins. The anti savior makes an appearance... yes the yellow flag (funny how the ref is a savior on some plays and the anti savior on others...hmmmm). Holding on Hopkins, loss of down and the game. Coach Condon takes maters into his own hand and disputes the call. Holding on an interior lineman after the game is ludicrous, after further review the call on the field is reversed, Hopkins 13 Cardinals 13.

Jimmy's Stats to date:

1 forced fumble and recovery

8 QB sacks

4 Open Field Sacks

12 assists

0 yards rushing (mainly because he's not allowed to advance the ball at over 90lbs)

0 pass reception

1 Fantastic effort

The Blue Crush take the field for the final game Saturday October 16th, game time 10:30

more to come......