Monday, September 13, 2010

The boys of Fall

The football season is upon us and over the weekend the Hopkins Royals 3rd graders took the field for the first time. The opponents, the Minnetonka Skippers. Jimmy walked into the stadium and in awe stated, " Dad, do we play here?" Yes son, will ESPN be here, not today Jim.

The games go something like this, for those of us unfamiliar with Football. Each team has two subset teams Jimmy's team is Orange and Crush, Jim plays for Crush. The Coin toss was won, Jimmy is a captain, and the Royals were to start on offense. So The first of the subset team is on the field for 4 plays and then they come off the field and the other subset goes on for four plays and then the sides switch. In the event of a tour over or a touchdown,( there is no kicking of the ball until 5Th grade), the teams stay on the field until they have played four downs.

The game is 4 quarters and two halves and you can not tell one kid from the other. I am sad to report the Royals fell to the Skippers 12 to 6. The game was hard fought and on a high note none of the points were scored against Jimmy and his squad. He plays center and guard on the offense and guard and tackle on defence. The kid hits hard.

The next Game is on Monday the 20Th more after the game.