Saturday, September 11, 2010

A new addition to our family

Timmy is a guinea pig. He is a boy guinea pig. I have been BEGGING my parents for a guniea pig for 6 months. I researched them online and checked out books from the library. I even researched if people could be allergic to them because my mom is allergic to anything that poops in the house. She is going to have to wash her hands a lot with Timmy to make sure she doesnt have a reaction. After all this, my parents surprised me with a guinea pig starter kit for my birthday along with a gift certificate to the humane society. We decided not to look for a guinea pig until after our camping trip at Rock Cut State Park. We got home and my mom and I looked online for a pig and the 1st few days, nothing. Then, there was Timmy. He's a little over 2 lbs and has white/black hair that goes sort of crazy all over his body. That's all about Timmy. I will post an update to my facebook. Here are some pictures. From - Jimmy